InConJunction is the science fiction/fantasy convention run by The Circle of Janus. The first InConJunction was held in 1980, and it has been held yearly since. InConjunction is always held the weekend closest to the 4th of July.
InConJunction is a multi-track convention. We have a strong gaming component, quite a few filkers, and a large Dealers' Room. Our focus on writing has been growing over the years. Convention registration is usually over 800, with most coming from here in the Midwest. Some people do bring children, but we do not offer children's programming or services as of yet. Although not historically a strong "party" con, usually 100-200 people are still up and active at 1 a.m.
If you'd like to be added to our mailing list and receive a flyer and registration for InConJunction, simply send an E-Mail message to, with "MAILING-LIST" as the subject of the message and your name/address in the body of the message. Note: Don't send questions about the convention in the same message. Our mail'bot will just ignore them and route your message to our address database.
Convention Information...
InConJunction XVII
Last Year
InConJunction XVIII
July 3-5, 1998
InConJunction XIX
Next Year

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