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InConJunction Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Indianapolis, IN

Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites

July 7 - 9, 2006

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NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
Go to the InConJunction Home Page to view the information for the current year.


You can always bet on there being lots of gaming related activities at InConJunction, and this year will be no different.

Game Masters and Judges, InConJunction Wants You!

Game Masters, contact our Games Coordinator via e-mail or write to:

InConJunction XXVI -- Gaming Information
P.O. Box 2921
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Game Master forms (instructions included) are available for download in Microsoft Word or RTF format.

Gaming Schedule

Look for nonstop activity in the InConJunction Gaming Area, meeting rooms 11-12 and 13-14. Room 11-12 is the Game Room, while 13-14 is "Gunner's Garrison." Check in on either side for more details on the game you want to play, more gaming events added to the schedule that day, or to find space to play a game of your own. Some card and board games will be available for pickup games at any time. Gunner will also be providing an X-Box with games throughout the convention. Also, ask about games of Fluxx and "1,000 Blank White Cards" which may occur with some frequency.

Times given are starting times, games usually take 2-4 hours to play.
GG = Gunner's Garrison
GR = Game Room (check at gaming HQ table for exact table)
* Further description of game given at end of schedule.

2:00 pm - Necromunda, GG
2:00 pm - Risk, GG
2:00 pm - Munchkin, GG
2:00 pm - Apples to Apples, GG
2:00 pm - Settlers of Cataan and Starfarers, GG
4:00 pm - Hero Clix Constructed Tournament, GR*
4:00 pm - Munchkin, GG
4:00 pm - Apples to Apples, GG
6:00 pm - Ghoul, Fatal Addiction (Vampire: The Masquerade system), GR. NOTES: Game runs to midnight (possibly later); for mature players.*
7:00 pm - Pirates Multi-Player Tournament, GR*
7:00 pm - Heroscape, GG
7:00 pm - Risk, GG
7:00 pm - Munchkin, GG
7:00 pm - Lunch Money, GG
7:00 pm - Settlers of Cataan and Starfarers, GG
8:00 pm - Run For Your Life Candyman "Live Cookie" event, GR. NOTE: Limited to six players.*
9:00 pm - Munchkin, GG
12:00 am - Risk 2210, GG
1:00 am - MERC, GR*
10:00 am - BattleTech Open Self design, GG
10:00 am - BattleTech Gunslinger, GG
10:00 am - Heroscape, GG
10:00 am - Lunch Money Tournament (runs all day), GG
10:00 am - Card games including Phase 10 throughout day, GG
10:00 am - Settlers of Cataan and Starfarers with Special Rules, GG
10:00 am - HERO, GR*
11:00 am - 400 pt. "Snow in July" HeroClix Tournament, GR*
11:00 am - M.A.P., GR*
12:00 pm - Brikwars tournament (runs all day), GR*
2:00 pm - HERO, GR*
3:00 pm - 50 pt. Pirates Tournament, GR*
4:00 pm - Settlers of Cataan and Starfarers with Special Rules, GG
7:00 pm - 1,000 pt. Mechs Only MechWarrior Tournament, GR*
8:00 pm - Clan vs. Clan, GG
8:00 pm - Run For Your Life Candyman "Live Cookie" event, GR.NOTE: Limited to six players.*
10:00 pmNASCAR Race Day, 5-lap race, GR*
7:00 am - MERC, GR*
10:00 am - Heroscape, GG
10:00 am - Risk, GG
10:00 am - Munchkin, GG
10:00 am - Lunch Money, GG
10:00 am - Settlers of Cataan and Starfarers with Special Rules, GG
10:00 am - 500 pt. Unrestricted HeroClix Tournamnet, GR*
10:00 am - Run For Your Life Candyman (No real cookies will be used), GR
11:00 am - M.A.P., GR*

Game Descriptions

BrikWars, Saturday 12:00pm (tournament, could last 6 hours or more), GM: Joe Greene.
Today's adventure: The aliens have landed, The undead are on the rampage... How can humanity possibly survive?
What is BrikWars? It's like warhammer for construction block toys (like Lego brand, though this is not a product of or endorsed by that company). From the introduction to the rules, found online at
"BrikWars is a marvelous Pandora's box, an endless fount of destruction and mayhem, where every coincidence falls in favor of maximum violence, where life is cheap, plastic, boxy, and bears only the most superficial resemblance to our world of flesh and mortgages. Time is marked from moment to moment by oscillating peaks of melodrama and troughs of sheer ridiculousness. Rules of continuity and physics are as malleable as any of us in the 'real' world have learned to expect from a lifetime of superhero comics, schlocky action movies, and public education -- and they're always trumped by the dramatic requirements of the moment and the most liberal application of Murphy's Law. Even the rules governing BrikWars itself are unresistingly overturned by a haphazard shrugging of shoulders and the players' mutual whim. Spelling is consistently poor."

Ghoul, Fatal Addiction (Vampire: The Masquerade system), Friday 6:00 pm, GM: Tammy Jo Eckhart.
NOTES: Game runs to midnight (possibly later); for mature players.
Someone is killing Kindred in the City. During the daylight, when they are most vulnerable they are being staked and then burned or decapitated. At first it was merely transient Kindred, loners, rather insignificant people. Now a well-known Toreador has been killed in his jazz club and to make matters worse the two servants he had guarding him are dead as well.
The Prince and his council of Primogens are worried. No Kindred seems safe as Camarilla, Independent and even suspected Sabbat Clans are losing members. Who can they trust to protect them during the light of day if even their own servants are being killed? The truth is harsh: there is no one else but these same retainers to protect them as it has been since the time of Cain.
An uneasy alliance between the most powerful Kindred in town is cemented through the bodies of their most trusted ghouls. Retainers, however, hold the same values as their domitors. Can this unlikely group discover who is murdering their masters and their brothers/sisters in service before another death occurs? If they can't, how will they survive the upcoming night and the wrath of those who trust them most?
Kindred need ghouls. Oh, they don't like to admit it and often their most important servants get ignored or abused, but the fact remains that without these "best of Seth's children", Kindred would quickly fall to their hunger and their enemies. Discover what its like to be so very integral to and yet so very disenfranchised in the World of Darkness.
The first half hour will be for character selection and getting into your character. Characters will be pre-designed and fairly complex - be prepared to act and interact beginning at 6:30pm! Character sheets will be given out to those who should up on a first-come first-chose basis the evening of the game.
Players should bring their D10 dice, a pencil, and some scratch paper, as well as (if they have it) a basic player's guidebook for Vampire the Masquerade, 1998 (WW2300) edition. Basic knowledge of how ghouls work is a plus but not necessary.
Storyteller has been running a World of Darkness game for the past eight years down in Bloomington, Ind. This particular setting and situation was test-run by a mixed group of experienced and inexperienced people - they report they had a lot of fun and could solve the mystery given the time limit. Scripted by a published erotica author and sexuality activist, this game should be considered full of "adult potential".
Anyone not interested in playing ghoul who has World of Darkness experience may be welcomed to play a NPC once the minimum number of players is reached. However, these NPCs will not have large roles since the majority of the game time will be set during daytime.

HERO (RPG): Fantasy HERO, 10:00 am Saturday, "Heart of the Living God," GM: Greg Hurst
You've spent your entire life living in the city, finally you have a chance to get out and make a name for yourself. Opportunity presents itself when a local collector of rarities has requested you and your friends to find a very special gem. Experience with HERO would be great, but is not necessary.

HERO (RPG): Star HERO, 2:00 pm Saturday, "Scavengers," GM: Greg Hurst
You're a member of a deep space scavenger vessel. Your mission is to scuttle abandoned ships and sell the parts for cash. However, this last find seems a little too good to be true. Experience with HERO would be great, but is not necessary.

HeroClix: 300pt. HeroClix Constructed Tournament, 3:00 pm Friday, GM: Mark Fewell
Build a 300pt. team and lead it victory. Retired figures may be used.

HeroClix: 400pt. Snow In July Tournament, 11:00 am Saturday, GM: Mark Fewell
Build a 400pt. team and lead it victory. It's snowing at InConJunction. All movement is halved and range and line of sight is reduced to 6. All characters may throw a snowball. When throwing a snowball they have Incapitate and a attack value of 10. After hitting roll 1D6, on a 5 or 6 it's an iceball that does 2 points of unavoidable damage.

HeroClix: 500 pts. Unrestricted Tournament, 10:00 am Sunday, GM: Mark Fewell
500-point teams. Standard tournament rules.

M.A.P., 11:00 am Saturday and Sunday, GM: Brad Hitz
Board game designed by Brad Hitz.

MechWarrior: 1000 pt. Mechs Only Tournament, 7:00 pm Saturday, GM: Mark Fewell
1,000-point Armies. Only Mechs can be used.

MERC: A Modern Roleplaying Game of Counter Insurgency, 1:00 am Saturday (Friday night), "The War on Skater Punks… and Terror!" GM: Clint Rogers
Terror strikes at a local mall, a ritzy British art museum taken over by the IRA, a strike mission on a Columbian rebel's fortress -- all these adventures wait and more in the "modern" (as of 1981) Role Playing game of Counter Insurgency. The Corporation wants you! Join the fight as a soldier of fortune in this fast-paced, action-packed, and sometimes comical roleplaying game. No experience necessary. All required materials provided. Feel free to bring your lucky d6's or pencils!

MERC: A Modern Roleplaying Game of Counter Insurgency, 7:00 am Sunday, "Morning MERC," GM: Clint Rogers
Looking for something to do Sunday morning? The corporation wants you! Travel around the globe, see all the sights, and most importantly; blow things up! Test you and your band of companions luck as you shoot first and hope your enemies don't get the chance to fire back. All required materials provided. Feel free to bring your lucky d6's or pencils!

NASCAR Race Day: 5-lap Race, 11:00 pm Saturday, GM: Mark Fewell
Compete in a five-lap race at Pocono Speedway. Cars will be provided for anyone who wants to play.

Pirates: 40pts. Multiplayer Game, 7:00 pm Friday, GM: Mark Fewell
Build a forty fleet. The Pirates of the Spanish Main multiplayer rules will be used.

Pirates: 50pt. Head-to-head tournament, 3:00 pm Saturday, GM: Mark Fewell
Build a 50-point fleet and lead it to victory. Duplicate ships and named crew may be used.

Run For Your Life Candyman, 8:00 pm Friday and Saturday, "Live" Cookie Event, GM: Wendy Carson
NOTE: Six-player limit.
Play the Smirk & Dagger game that is a parody of the popular children's board game about a land of candy. But this land is a sugary trap if you are sweet and edible! Can you escape? (Or, at least part of you?) Along with character sheets, each player will receive a big gingerbread man cookie -- so as it loses parts, they can be broken off and eaten.
Wendy will also run a regular game of Run For Your Life Candyman, with no real cookies, at 10:00 am Sunday.

Game Master Admission Reimbursement

You must sign-up to run your game prior to the convention to receive full or partial reimbursment of your convention admission. Please inform the Games Coordinator in advance if you are an RPGA GM.

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