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Indianapolis, IN

Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites

July 7 - 9, 2006

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Steve Latshaw

Featured Guest

Writer & Director

Steve Latshaw;

How does a young, somewhat geeky kid from the Midwest end up becoming a working writer in Hollywood? Steve began his career as a local station news photographer, reporter and documentary producer. He found himself in Orlando in the late 80s and spent two years as an actor. "I became a regular on the TV series Adventures of Superboy" he says, but things were about to change.

"I got a group of people together to make a low budget horror comedy called Vampire Trailer Park," he says. "It's the only horror film I'm aware of that has dealt with the subject of vampire bulimia. Joe Bob Briggs (infamous drive-in movie critic extraordinaire) gave it an 87 on the vomit meter. To date, the only countries that have seen fit to release it are the UK and Sweden. I'd like to think it was too ahead of its time for the U.S. At least that's what I keep telling myself."

Suddenly Hollywood producers were interested in Steve. Still based in Florida, he made a string of low-budget horror films that did well on HBO and in the home video market. The most successful of these, Jacko (about a crazed jackolantern killer) was the topic for an hour-long Donahue show. The film featured Steve's son Ryan as the lead and was recently re-released on video for its tenth anniversary. But after six or seven years, it was time to take the plunge and move to LA.

Steve says he got into film writing by accident in 1996, when a director friend asked him if he would like to try his hand at writing a script. Steve wrote one, then another one, and the producers were so happy that "all of a sudden I had a reputation for doing thrillers and military pictures." By 2002, "terrorist plot points" had become all too real, as the World Trade Center tragedy, war in Afghanistan and anthrax bio-terror gripped the nation and put a lock down on most independent film financing. "I didn't work for two years," says Steve. "It was a forced end to things. I did so many films between 1990 and 2002 I never really stopped to enjoy myself."

The film that broke Steve's two year writing drought was American Black Beauty, a family picture starring Dean Stockwell. "I'd always wanted to do a Western," says Steve. "It's a sweet family film, sentimental, with a great cast. Now I'm in the middle of three films," says Steve. Principal photography just wrapped on a Latshaw sci-fi epic called RAPTOR PLANET. Filming took place in Romania and Latshaw describes it as "The Alamo with dinosaurs." He is simultaneously preparing another sci-fi script, XENOPHOBIA, for production in May.

Right now, Steve is most excited about one of the projects for Sci-Fi Channel, a Stan Lee Project called Lightspeed. "I'm very comfortable with the film work I'm getting, TV movie work. I'm not a star. I'm a working writer."

For additional information, please refer to Steve Latshaw's Web Page.

NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
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