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InConJunction Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Indianapolis, IN

Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites

July 6 - 8, 2007

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NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
Go to the InConJunction Home Page to view the information for the current year.

Dealers' Room

The InConJunction Dealers' Room went through some exciting changes in 2001. In response to attendee recommendations, we screened potential dealers in the hopes of creating a more diverse and eclectic blend of products. We assembled a screening committee to evaluate each and every dealer to insure that their products were unique and matched the interests of our attendees. The dealers' room was a bit smaller than those in the past, but we hoped to gather a more interesting mix of dealers in this smaller setting.

Hopefully all of our efforts succeeded in bringing our attendees a more enjoyable shopping experience at InConJunction. In addition to your returning favorites, we hope to have new dealers every year, offering a fresh shopping experience for all of the attendees. As always, if you have any recommendations or suggestions that you would like to share with us, please feel free to contact the Dealers' Room coordinator.

The dealers' room hours of operation are:





(8:00am - 1:00pm Dealer Setup)









Table rates for InConJunction XXVII are a flat $50 per six foot table.
InConJunction registrations are not included in the price of the table. If you wish to attend the convention you must purchase an InConJunction registration in addition to your table(s).
Please don't send any money until you receive confirmation that your application has been accepted.
IF you have been informed that your application has been accepted, you can now pay for your tables online via PayPal.

The deadline to apply for Dealers' Room tables is April 2nd, 2007.

You can now apply online for Dealers' Room tables or apply via US Mail using the Microsoft Word formatted InConJunction Dealer's Room contact letter / application form. If you have any questions, or need any other information, contact our dealers' room chairperson via e-mail or send a self addressed stamped envelope, along with any questions, to:

InConJunction XXVII -- Dealers' Room
P.O. Box 68514
Indianapolis, IN 46268-0514

Vendor Listing

  • ACME Comics & Collectibles - Fran and Kevin McGarry
    Comics, Role Playing Games, miniature games, card games, fantasy t-shirts, hand-made jewelry, fantasy art, toys
    Booth / Location - 3 - 6
  • Black Dragon Workshop - James Inkpen
    Costumes and wooden boxes
    Booth / Location - 48 - 50
  • Caricatures by Paul McCall - Paul McCall
    Caricatures, commissioned oil portraits, a smattering of books, jewelry and craft items
    Booth / Location - 53
  • Castle Perilous Games & Books - Scott Thorne
    Games and Anime
    Booth / Location - 41 - 43
  • Cloak & Dagger - Michael Z. Williamson
    Books and swords
    Booth / Location - 45 & 58
  • Costumes by Loren - Honnilore Kuhlmann
    Cloaks, basic garb, jewelry, accessories, unset gemstones, leather and medieval clothing for fashion dolls, dressed bears, buttons, etc.
    Booth / Location - 34 - 36
  • Dead Parrot Discs - Mark Gasper
    Doctor Who toys, games, magazines, books, shirts, cds and more
    Booth / Location - 37 - 40
  • Fairy Dog Woods - Joe Townsend
    Pagan and Magical supplies and books. Costume components and this year dog costumes. Some Sci-Fi toys and Jewelry.
    Booth / Location - 55 - 57
  • Fannish Enterprises - Susan Ross Moore
    Buttons, Fridge Magnets, key Chains, mugs, mouse pads
    Booth / Location - 24 - 26
  • Glen Cook - Bookseller - Glen Cook
    New and Used collectable Books
    Booth / Location - 17 - 19
  • Iron Elf, LLC - C.S. Marks
    Books, Unique Miniatures, handmade jewelry, handmade longbows and custom-made arrows.
    Booth / Location - 46 - 47
  • Jo's Treasure Chest - Nancy Drake
    Figurines, candle holders, wall Figurines of dragons, wizards, fairies, pirates, etc
    Booth / Location - 1 - 2
  • Larry Smith Book Seller - Sally Kobee
    New and Used collectable Books
    Booth / Location - 7 - 10
  • Likely Lotus - Georgia C. Neff
    Washable Renaissance clothing for men and women
    Booth / Location - 32 - 33
  • Mystik Waboose - Paula Handley
    Fine Clothing Accessories for the discerning fen
    Booth / Location - 11 - 12
  • OffWorld Designs - Ray VanTilburg
    T-shirts featuring Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gaming, Comic and Anime themes. Also the InConJunction Souvenir T-Shirts
    Booth / Location - 13 - 16
  • SpellCraft Beads - Sara J. Larson
    Jewelry, decorative beaded items
    Booth / Location - 31 & 44
  • Starbase Atlanta, Inc. - Herb McCaulla
    T-shirts, Pins, patches, keychains, soundtracks, trade books, glassware and more
    Booth / Location - 20 - 23
  • The Amber Fox - Richard and Angie Fox
    Amber, Gemstone and silver jewelry, amber and gemstone carvings, and other unique items
    Booth / Location - 27 - 30
  • Ben Avery - Ben Avery
    Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Poster/Art Prints
    Booth / Location - 54
  • Juanita Coulson
    Filk CDs
    Booth / Location - 51 - 52

T-Shirt Designs

Shown below is the design for this year's InConJunction t-shirts. This year's shirt is designed by Friend of InConJunction Aaron Williams, from
Make sure to stop by the Off World Designs booth at the convention and take at look at their shirts.
Click on the thumb-nail below to view a larger version of the artwork.

NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
Go to the InConJunction Home Page to view the information for the current year.

Would you like to volunteer to help out with the convention? Do you want to apply to be a participating guest, artist, or vendor? Do you have promotional items you want to provide or items that you'd like to donate to our charity auction? Want to receive the latest convention flyer and be kept informed of upcoming events? You can do all this and more via our Online Address Book form. All InConJunction participants (both approved and those pending approval) can login and update their Participant Profile and Settings via the new Event Planning Dashboard.

Send an E-Mail to the current Convention Chair-Person at if you would like any additional information about InConJunction. Send an E-Mail to the convention webmaster at with questions or comments about the InConJunction web page.

InConJunction is dedicated to providing a harassment-free convention experience for everyone. This policy applies to all participants, whether Convention Committee members, volunteers, vendors, invited guests or paying attendees.

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