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InConJunction Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Indianapolis, IN

Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites

July 4 - 6, 2008

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NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
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InConJunction Charities

Various charitable causes that InConJunction supports

InConJunction Charity Auction

There are two charities that split the proceeds (50/50) from the InConJunction Charity Auction. This year the two charities are the Indiana Literacy Association and Ambassadors for Children. Please feel free to click on the links for our charities and find out a little more about them. Remember that both are great causes that use the money to help people in our community and promote literacy.

We're doing something new with this year's Charity Auction; We're splitting the charity auction into two sessions. There will be one session on Friday night and another on Saturday afternoon. Please check the programming schedule for locations and times.

If you have something that you would like to donate for the InConJunction Charity Auction please contact the charity organizer via e-mail, or in a letter sent to the address below, with a description of the item(s) that you would like to donate. Thank you.

Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Blood Drive

And don't forget the Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Blood Drive for the benefit of the Indiana Blood Center, Saturday from 10:00am - 2:00pm in Suite 15. The Indiana Blood Center is a vital link in Indiana's health care infrastructure, supplying more than 550 units of blood to more than 60 Indiana hospitals every day. The nonprofit community service organization was founded in 1952 to provide a continuous, safe and adequate supply of blood products and testing services. So lend and arm and help InConJunction hit its annual donation goal. Donating blood is safe, simple and it saves lives.

Contact Information

Please contact our charity organizer via e-mail or at the address below if you have any questions or have something you would like to donate for the InConJunction Charity Auction.
InConJunction XXVIII -- Charities
P.O. Box 2921
Indianapolis, IN 46206

InConJunction Charities Documents

The following documents are available for download…

Charity Auction Listing

Acme Archives Direct
  • "Hai Peng At Sea" - Taken from original concept artwork used for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, this giclee on paper is limited to only 100 pieces and measures 13 by 19 inches. (Retail Value: $145.00)
  • Cell Drawing from Star Wars - Artist Proof Number 0 of 300 (Retail Value: $450.00)
  • Character Key Set of Four - This Framed Set features the SOLD-OUT character keys of Padme Amidala, Arc Captain, Darth Sidious & Anakin Skywalker. We have very limited quantities so purchases will be limited to only 1 set per customer. Orders for more than 1 will not be honored. These keys are only available framed in the set, we will not be selling them separately. The framing will be as pictured with a special plaque. Measurements are 32" x 9.5". (Retail Value: $480.00)

  • Berserker Birds Game (Retail Value: $40.00)

Castle Perilous Games & Books
Scott Thorne
  • Anime chess set featuring Astro Boy and Simba the White Lion pieces. (Retail Value: $50.00)

Cat's Haven
  • Cherry Quartz Necklace (Retail Value: $25.00)
  • Quartz necklace (Retail Value: $25.00)

Comic Carnival
  • Box of Comic Books (approx. 50 or so) (Retail Value: $150.00)

Dead Parrot Discs
Mark Gasper
  • Martha Action Figure Doll from Dr. Who (Retail Value: $50.00)

Bryan Ono
  • Master Replicas ROTS Darth Vader Helmet - Working in partnership with the talented folks at Lucasfilm Ltd., Master Replicas was provided with the actual helmet molds created for Episode III. Even the interior of the helmet is an exact copy of the one worn by Hayden Christensen, right down to the suede covered foam padding that keeps it nice and snug on your head. If your head’s the same size as Hayden’s that is… (Yes, it’s wearable). Constructed from sturdy fiberglass, the helmet features a high gloss black paint finish, smoke colored lenses, machine metal details, a leather lined interior with suede-covered foam padding, and a fully integrated strapping system to keep you on the path of the Dark Side. (Retail Value: $1249.00)

  • Explorium (Retail Value: $39.95)
  • Memoir Game (Retail Value: $39.99)
  • Pictionary (Retail Value: $29.99)

  • Prize package with 2 passes to Gencon Indy (Retail Value: $150.00)

Great Stitches
Andrew Speed
  • InConJunction Lab coat size 2X, if sells for 50.00 or over name will be embroidered on Friday and ready to wear on Saturday for free (Retail Value: $32.00)
  • InConJunction Lab coat size 5X (Retail Value: $37.00)
  • Vic 20 in box with lots of stuff - Vic20 box - Shows the outside of the big box. In great condition for 25yrs old.,Vic20 keyboard -Shows inside of big box. Keyboard, cover about, TV adapter & power converter below,Vic20 manual - Shows 2 manuals for the Vic20 + 2 / 6 cassette packs of programs.,Vic20 deck & stick -Shows cassette deck & only joystick. Vic20 9 games - Trashman, Superslot, Jupiter Lander, Tight Tooth Invaders, Supersmash, Road Race, Pirate Cove, Mole Attack, & The Count., Shamus, Voodoo, Castle, Radar Ratrace, Vic Avenger, Gorf, Draw Poker & Adventure Land. (Retail Value: $45.00)

  • 2XL 100% cotton jacket - lined with Join or Die logo from John Adams Mini series (Retail Value: $125.00)
  • Deluxe portable Karaoke System with on-screen lyrics (Retail Value: $99.99)
  • Desk organizer for electronic devices - with Ocean's Thirteen logo (Retail Value: $30.00)
  • Desk organizer for electronic devices - with Ocean's Thirteen logo (Retail Value: $30.00)
  • DVD - Big Love - the complete second season (Retail Value: $59.99)
  • DVD - Curb you Enthusiasm - the complete sixth season (Retail Value: $39.98)
  • Hardback Book - Rome and DVD set of the complete second season (Retail Value: $79.98)
  • Hardback Book - The Sopranos - the complete book collector's edition and DVD Season six part 2 (Retail Value: $139.94)
  • Hardback Book - The Sopranos - the complete book collector's edition and DVD Season six part 2 (Retail Value: $139.94)
  • Hardback Book Entourage a lifestyle is a terrible thing to waste and DVD of season three part two (Retail Value: $70.00)
  • Transformers - Flashlight with tool set (Retail Value: $10.00)
  • Transformers - Flashlight with tool set (Retail Value: $10.00)

Higher Ground Games
Ben Meyaard
  • "You-Pick" 20 Castings from Hirst Arts molds. I will provide a box of 20 castings to have on hand for the auction, and will gladly swap them 1-for-1 with any on-hand in my vendor booth at winning bidder's request. If we don't have the proper castings on hand as needed due to sales volume, we will offer free shipping to winning bidders location of choice (domestic u.s. only, please). (Retail Value: $40.00)
  • Finished terrain piece: 28mm Gallows (and Guillotine) platform suitable for D&D, Deadlands, or any other role playing game... This piece was designed by Hirst Arts, completed by Higher Ground Games. (Retail Value: $30.00)

HMS Creative Productions Inc.
Mike Moore
  • Farscape Peace Keeper Pistol set (Retail Value: $85.00)
  • Pirates Picture in Picture Frame (Retail Value: $395.00)
  • Pocket Procter (Retail Value: $6.00)
  • Star Trek print on canvas by John Eaves (Retail Value: $400.00)

Indiana Sports Corp.
  • Four tickets for the Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament, March 5-8, 2009.  They are all-session tickets, which means they are to ALL games in the tournament, not just the finals.  (Retail Value: $600.00)

Larry Smith Book Seller
Sally Kobee
  • Box of Books (aprox 20 or so) (Retail Value: $75.00)

Likely Lotus
Georgia C. Neff
  • A man's drop yoke shirt, white, 100% cotton, size M/L.  We sell these for $49. The shirt pulls on, and has elastic at the wrists for easy, comfortable wearing.  It is also easy care -- machine wash, cool, hang to dry and may be bleached. (Retail Value: $49.00)

Marvel Comics
  • Ironman Tee shirt and nerf blaster (Retail Value: $40.00)

OffWorld Designs
Ray VanTilburg
  • InConJunction Tee Shirt (Retail Value: $23.00)

Sock Zombies
Emily Williams
  • Star Trek Sock Zombie (Retail Value: $40.00)

The Amber Fox
Richard and Angie Fox
  • Sterling Silver and stone necklace (Retail Value: $49.00)

Thermalized Plastics
Mike Bolin
  • "V" key (Retail Value: $35.00)
  • Galaxy Quest Pistol Kit (Retail Value: $95.00)
  • Goonies Key to finish (Retail Value: $35.00)
  • Pieces from the Sarah Connor Chronicles (Retail Value: $35.00)
  • Pieces from the Sarah Connor Chronicles (Retail Value: $35.00)

Unique Unicorns
Raymond Stanisz
  • Star Trek Watch (Retail Value: $10.00)

Warner Brothers
Tammy Olsen
  • An American Tail Book (Retail Value: $10.00)
  • Bat Man - Twin sheet set. (Retail Value: $28.00)
  • Batman Comforter (Retail Value: $55.00)
  • Batman Pillow (Retail Value: $12.00)
  • Batman Throw (Retail Value: $11.00)
  • Batman Tote (Retail Value: $9.00)
  • Corpse Bride Doll (Retail Value: $5.00)
  • Corpse Bride Snow globe (Retail Value: $20.00)
  • Daffy Duck for President Book (Retail Value: $15.00)
  • Harry Potter - Voldemort paperweight (Retail Value: $9.00)
  • Harry Potter Azkaban shirt - XL (Retail Value: $18.00)
  • Harry Potter music box (Retail Value: $15.00)
  • Harry Potter Ornament - Harry and Hedwig (Retail Value: $5.99)
  • Harry Potter Ornament - Hermione (Retail Value: $5.99)
  • Harry Potter Ornament - Hermione (Retail Value: $5.99)
  • Polar Express Sweat Shirt (Large) (Retail Value: $25.00)
  • Speed Racer Cup (Retail Value: $10.00)
  • Speed Racer Lunchbox (Retail Value: $13.00)
  • Speed Racer Walkie Takies (Retail Value: $12.00)
  • Superman Baseball Cap (Retail Value: $13.00)
  • Wonder Woman Action Figure (Retail Value: $15.00)

Anonymous Donar
  • Lord of the Rings Making of…Book (Retail Value: $17.98)
  • Star Trek : NG game (Retail Value: $5.00)

John Belden
  • Magic the Gathering Core game (Retail Value: $17.00)

Arvil Bowmer
  • Darth Vader helmet Kit (Retail Value: $200.00)

Alan M. Clark
Alan M. Clark
  • GOH Doodles (Retail Value: $10.00)
  • GOH Doodles (Retail Value: $10.00)
  • GOH Doodles (Retail Value: $10.00)

Leo Doyle
  • VHS - Complete original series plus misc. (Retail Value: $75.00)

Kathy Hohman
  • Spock decanter (Retail Value: $100.00)

Randy Porter
Randy Porter
  • Axis & Allies Game (Retail Value: $50.00)
  • Book on CD: A light comedy (ha ha) (Retail Value: $15.00)

Rob Pyatt, Ph. D.
  • Custom Made GI Joe action figure (Retail Value: $15.00)

Bernice Riddle
  • Cross-stitch Butterflies (Retail Value: $125.00)
  • Cross-stitch Dragon and wizard (Retail Value: $150.00)

Kathie Thompson
  • Autographed picture of William Shatner (Retail Value: $50.00)
  • Autographed picture of William Shatner (Retail Value: $50.00)
  • Lord of the Rings Action figure (Retail Value: $9.99)

NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
Go to the InConJunction Home Page to view the information for the current year.

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