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July 6 - 8, 2012

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Complete Guest List for InConJunction XXXII

Kevin Hearne
Author Guest of Honor
New York Times best-selling author of The Iron Druid Chronicles urban fantasy book series.

Kevin Hearne

A mild-mannered high school teacher by day, a writer by night, Kevin Hearne is the New York Times best-selling author of The Iron Druid Chronicles, an urban fantasy series from Del Rey. His first three books, Hounded, Hexed, and Hammered, were released back-to-back in the summer of 2011. The fourth book, Tricked, was released in April 2012, and book five, Trapped, will come out in December. When he's not writing or teaching, Kevin joins his daughter in obsessing over Dr. Who.

For additional information, please refer to Kevin Hearne's Web Page.

Paul Taylor
Artist Guest of Honor
Creator of the Wapsi Square web comic.

Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor is the creator of the odd slice-of-supernatural-life comic called Wapsi Square. He was raised on a good dose of Warner Bros. cartoons and scary movies that helped to fuel his already overactive imagination. After spending his post-college years substitute teaching and then running a photography studio, Paul took his love of mythology and his equal parts passion for the cute and the macabre and set out to tell a story. When not working on his full-time job of writing and drawing Wapsi Square, Paul can be found running errands with his four-year-old son or sitting in front of the television, watching a movie with his awesomely cool wife.

For additional information, please refer to Paul Taylor's Web Page.

Wild Mercy
Music Guest of Honor
Filk band featuring Barry and Sally Childs-Helton, Debbie Gates and Jennifer Midkiff.

Wild Mercy

Wild Mercy, an Indianapolis-based eclectic Celtic band, is composed of Barry Childs-Helton (guitars, bass, vocals, original pieces), Sally Childs-Helton (drum kit, bodhran, world and classical percussion), Debbie Gates (keyboard, vocals, percussion) and Jennifer Midkiff (harp, bass, vocals). Their music is rooted in traditional and contemporary Celtic musics, with excursions into folk-rock, jazz, blues, indie, and world musics, and is marked by strong vocals and tight harmonies.

As a band composed of avid SF readers, WM was fated to start playing cons. Barry and Sally had been playing at conventions since 1983, had won several Pegasus Awards for filking, and been named to the Filk Hall of Fame before joining Wild Mercy. Soon Jen and Debbie began asking just what they were doing at these SF and filking things they were going to. It wasn't long before the whole band began going, beginning with InConJunction in 2004. Multiple con appearances followed, including ConClave, DucKon, CapriCon, Marcon, ConText, Ohio Valley Filk Fest, MidSouthCon, Conterpoint (Barry and Sally's second East Coast Science Fiction Filk Festival since Concertino in 1995), and the 2007 North American Science Fiction Convention. And as the fannish audience's high-quality attention spoiled the entire band rotten ("They listen to the words! They sing along! We want all of this there is!"), their filk repertoire grew apace, even as their style continued to sprout more rock, jazz, and choral elements. Unsurprisingly, now Jen and Debbie are both doing solo concerts and workshops at conventions as well, and the band has been nominated twice for a Best Performer Pegasus Award.

So, just what is "eclectic Celtic"? Well, it's Celtic! It's folk (except when it's rock)! It's sultry fairytale blues! It's lounge lizards unleashed! It's beautiful harp and vocal textures. It's bitter Jacobite protest songs. It's jazz played on a lever harp. It's bodhran-driven rock. It's tight vocal harmonies. It's way too many instruments for four people!

For additional information, please refer to Wild Mercy's Web Page.

Mike Moore
Guest of Honor
SFX Props Master

Mike Moore

Mike Moore started his professional life like most of us... but there was a difference. Mike's first job was making props and sets for the first Universal Studios tour. Even though he went on to mundane jobs in retail sales and other areas, this first taste of prop making started it all for Mike. He finished his education at Cerritos College in Norwalk, Calif. and began working in the aerospace industry. To enhance his skills for this job he became certified in plastic technology.

Mike has worked on many movies since then such as The Abyss, Addams Family, Batman 3, The Hunt for Red October, Pulp Fiction, Inspector Gadget and many more. Mike will have 18 years invested in creating props for the Star Trek universe.

Mike and HMS Productions have done other television shows as well, for example, Babylon 5, Captain Power, Dark Shadows (1980), Lois and Clark, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and many more. HMS has also worked for the Las Vegas "The Star Trek Experience", the Traveling Star Trek Museums, Paramount Parks Displays, Universal Tours, Edinburgh Star Trek Museum, and the Canadian Star Trek Museum.

Another area they have gotten into is prototyping for Mattel, Playmates Toys, All-American Casting, Icons Authentic Replicas, and Master Replicas.

Overall, Mike Moore and HMS Productions have had a great impact on the science fiction movies and TV we see and love.

For additional information, please refer to Mike Moore's Web Page.

Lou Harry
Author of The Superman Guide to Life: Living the Superhero Lifestyle and the novelization of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Lou Harry

Lou Harry is the author or co-author of more than 25 books including Creative Block, Know Your Zombies, The Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures, and the novelization of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (seriously). His novel The High-Impact Infidelity Diet was optioned by Warner Bros and his Voodoo Lou series of doll-and-book kits have sold over a million copies. He is also a playwright whose produced work includes Midwestern Hemisphere, The Pied Piper of Hoboken, and the Indy Fringe hit Beer Can Raft. His freelance work has appeared in Writer's Digest, Variety, and over 50 other publications. He serves happily as Arts & Entertainment Editor for the Indianapolis Business Journal and appears weekly on Fox 59 morning news and on WIBC radio. At past InConJunctions, he created and hosted the Science Fiction/Fantasy Spelling Bee, led the popular and lively Pub Trivia competition, and served as panelist and charity auctioneer.

For additional information, please refer to Lou Harry's Web Page.

Fyberdyne Laboratories
Fan Guest of Honor

Fyberdyne Laboratories (circa 1989) is a group of friends who do extraordinary work in costuming. They branded their work under the name "Fyberdyne Laboratories" which was inspired by a few other "dynes", chiefly "Cyberdyne" from Terminator and "Hyperdyne" from Aliens. The "Fyber" is the result of their primary medium which is fiberglass armor construction. The group consists of several departments which lend their skills to the collective.

Edward Endres, the Executive Director, is the fiberglass expert of the group and builds most of the physical armor. He works out of South Bend.

Bob Vailliencourt is the Artist/ Designer for the group responsible for most of the sculpting.

E. Weber Jones is the tech and weapons guy.

Robert Beech also sculpts and does make-up.

Leman Yuen is the group tailor.

Tony Truitt deals with prop construction and vac-forming.

Mike Bolin also does prop construction and vac forming and final finish as well.

Mark Shidler does just about everything else, as well as tailoring.

Loren Christensen, the group's newest member, is involved in fiberglass construction.

The group's efforts are mostly for their own amusement, but every now and then interesting things happen. Over the years they have had a chance to do professional work with credits including, Lucasfilm, Marvel, and DC Comics, Alex Ross, Dynamic Forces, work on movies and television. All the members are based throughout the Midwest. They love to teach their craft and have a goal to continue to see costuming flourish.

For additional information, please refer to Fyberdyne Laboratories's Web Page.

Toni Carr
Featured Guest

Joan of Dark is sometimes called Toni Carr. But not very often. Joan started knitting when she asked her grandmother to show her how, and instantly regretted all the time in her life she had spent not knitting. Her first book, Knockdown Knits, was all about roller derby and knitting. Her second book, Knits for Nerds, is all about nerdy knitting. So one could guess that Joan is a roller derby-loving knitting nerd. This would be correct. She is also a rescuer of animals, and surrounds herself with a tolerant husband, a llama named Flippy, a miniature horse named Starkey, Pigwidgeon (Widget) the parrot, a very cool dog named Ernie, a very weird dog named Sassy Burrito, and 3 cats named Hillbilly, Vega, and Lenore. She is also campaigning for a female duck named Howard, but the husband's tolerance may only stretch so far.

When she's not knitting, or skating, or running though muddy obstacle course races, she's working in her coffee shop, Strange Brew, playing the guitar or the bass, or occasionally having too many glasses of wine and entertaining her twitter followers with her tipsy ramblings.

You can read about her adventures on her website, or follow her as JoanofDarkKnits on twitter.

For additional information, please refer to Toni Carr's Web Page.

Darkside Studios
Featured Guest

A panel of expert Zombie Survivalists, unknown for their recent assistance in the containment of the Zombie outbreak in Tampa, Fl, on May 27th, 2012. They will run your survival plan through several scenarios, providing advice and feedback that will save your life once the Apocalypse begins.

Mark Dooley
Featured Guest
"De Boss" of the Whoosier Network

Mark C. Dooley is "De Boss" of the Whoosier Network, Indiana's Doctor Who and Sci-Fi Connection. As well as closing in on his 30th year with the club, he is also the creator, writer and artist of The Actual, Semi-True Adventures of Mark and Dee, a partly autobiographical online comic strip which is archived at Mark believes that his mother is responsible for his fear of clowns when she exposed him to The Joker in the Batman comic story "The Joker/Clayface Feud". So if anyone dressed up as clowns for the costume show start turning up dead in the hallways, don't blame him-- blame his mother.

For additional information, please refer to Mark Dooley's Web Page.

Five Year Mission
Featured Guest
Star Trek themed band with the goal of writing and recording a song for each episode of the original Star Trek series.

Five Year Mission

Five Year Mission is the collaboration of five Star Trek fans who endeavor to write and record a song for each of the episodes of the original Star Trek series from the 1960s.

"We love the show, and we wanted to create something that we could share with other fans, and something we would have a blast doing. Specifically, we take episodes of the original Star Trek and write songs for them. Sometimes the songs tell stories, sometimes they're about one character, and sometimes they're totally obscure. We never quite know what's going to happen with a tune until we write it. Our goal is to take every episode of the original Star Trek, write a song about it, record it, and play it. In the end, there will be five full-length CDs full of Star Trek goodness for all to enjoy."

Five Year Mission will be once again playing live at the InConJunction Dance on Friday night.


Five Year Mission is:

Noah Butler - Guitar/Bass/Keys/Vocals/Songwriter
Andy Fark - Percussion
Patrick O'Connor - Guitar/Bass/Keys/Vocals/Songwriter
Mike Rittenhouse - Guitar/Bass/Keys/Vocals/Songwriter
Chris Spurgin - Guitar/Bass/Keys/Vocals/Songwriter

For additional information, please refer to Five Year Mission's Web Page.

Charlie Kaufman
Featured Guest
Disaster Preparedness Expert: Using science to keep the world safe from earthquakes, hurricanes, zombies, and the occasional Godzilla attack.

Charlie Kaufman

To paraphrase the great Groucho Marx, "Charlie was born at a very young age." Charlie is a self-described science nerd and a sci-fi geek. From giving presentations for his peers to standing in line for an autograph, he has never found a scientific conference or a sci-fi convention boring, enjoying both immensely.

Charlie attended some of the finest coastal schools in the Carolinas and has a background in Marine Biology, Environmental Studies, and Natural Hazard Preparedness. Charlie has worked extensively in environmental consulting, where he fed generations of mosquitoes while walking through swamps, and academia, where he studied coastal erosion and natural disaster impacts. (He also managed to put Star Wars action figures into the upper atmospheres, and run Godzilla damage estimates and zombie outbreak models.) He currently works for a local emergency management office in the SC Lowcountry where he helps the public prepare for earthquakes, hurricanes, and other hazards.

He is happy to share some of his adventures with anyone who buys the first round of margaritas.

David Lee Pancake
Featured Guest
Sculptor & painter of fantasy art.

David Pancake is a sculptor & painter of fantasy art. Not limiting himself to one genre, he pursues a variety of subject matter which includes dragons, comic book heroes, nudes, abstracts, horror figurines, and a series of risqué angels.

For additional information, please refer to David Lee Pancake's Web Page.

Rob Pyatt, Ph. D.
Featured Guest
Mad Scientist and Pseudo Super Villain

Rob Pyatt, Ph. D.

Rocketed to Earth as an infant to escape the destruction of his home world where his parents had been brutally murdered before his eyes one night in a dark alley, Rob's ship crash landed in a jungle where he was adopted by a friendly gorilla and raised to learn the ways of the jungle. As a teen-ager, Rob re-joined society and quickly enlisted in the army where he was given an experimental formula designed to create the ultimate soldier. After being put on ice for a number of years, Rob ditched the military and got a job at a scientific research facility where he was unfortunately exposed to gamma radiation, beta radiation, delta radiation, cosmic radiation, and a really nasty bite from a radioactive spider.

Well, sort of.

Rob's been bouncing around InConJunction for a number of years now and you can normally find him hosting the "The Weird World of Science" or "Top 10 Worst Sci-Fi & Horror Movies" with Jeff Thompson and Chris Canary.

As a mild mannered scientist, Rob's secret identity allows him the chance to develop his plans for world conquest while conducting some pretty twisted experiments. In the past, he's warped the fragile minds of college students at Morris Brown College, Clark-Atlanta University, and Emory University. Rob is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology at Ohio State University and the Assistant Director of the Cytogenetics/Molecular Genetics Laboratory at Nationwide Children's Hospital. He also currently writes a column for the Annals of Improbable Research called "Pubmed Goes to the Movies" which compares films and scientific articles that share the same titles.

Sam Stall
Featured Guest
Author of Night of the Living Trekkies

Sam Stall has more than 500,000 books in print. The approximately 20 titles he's authored or co-authored include the novels Night of the Living Trekkies (with Kevin David Anderson) and Dracula's Heir, both from Quirk Books. His non-fiction projects span the realm of pop culture, including an examination of as-seen-on-TV products; a chronicle of bizarre suburban crimes; and a collection of "business tips" from the Three Stooges.

He's also written or co-written several books about the ins and outs of pet ownership. Two, The Dog Owner's Manual and The Cat Owner's Manual, have achieved combined sales of more than 300,000 copies worldwide. A couple of others, 100 Dogs Who Changed Civilization and 100 Cats Who Changed Civilization, have been published in more than a dozen languages, from French to Finnish to Korean.

Sam was born in Goshen, Indiana, spent his childhood in the Orlando area, and currently resides in Indianapolis with his wife Jami and their son, James.

For additional information, please refer to Sam Stall's Web Page.

Zabet Stewart
Featured Guest
Wears the Funny Hat of Responsibility at

Zabet is responsible for, a punk-y, geek-y, goth-y, pagan-y online craft zine that no longer updates in any kind of regular way, and co-author of Anticraft: Knitting, Beading, and Stitching for the Slightly Sinister. Recently named the Bacon Queen of the Bluegrass, she's currently obsessed with designing for cross stitch.

For additional information, please refer to Zabet Stewart's Web Page.


Also Appearing

Chuck Budreau

Chuck Budreau, has been working on independent films for many years. He is a founding member of the MagicHouse Productions crew and has worked with many other film production companies in Indiana. Chuck is a freelance film sound recordist. He is a voluntary board member of the Indiana Filmmakers Network and webmaster for

For additional information, please refer to Chuck Budreau's Web Page.

David L. Burkhead

David L. Burkhead's most recent stories are "The Place of Fear" forthcoming in Rogues in Hell anthology (part of the Heroes in Hell series) from Perseid Publishing and "Time for Tears" in Sword & Sorceress XXVI by Norilana Books. He has previously published stories in Analog Science Fiction & Fact and the late Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine. In addition to his science fiction and fantasy writing, he has published a number of technical and popular science articles in The World & I and High Technology Careers. He is a physicist working in Atomic Force Microscopy and surface science. He has a webcomic, Cold Servings. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife and daughter, three dogs, and one goldfish.

For additional information, please refer to David L. Burkhead's Web Page.

Chris Canary
Geek, Author, Reader, Gamer, and Event Planner.

Chris Canary has been helping at InConJunction since 1995. In addition to panel suggestions or just generally helping whomever with whatever, he is usually making fun of "bad" movies with compatriots Rob Pyatt and Jeff Thompson. He is also 1/2 of the team behind the podcast Chris and Crys Take Over the World. At the 2012 InConJunction, he should be helping premiere the book Unreal City with publisher Das Krakenhaus.

Steve Charlesworth
Co-founder of Bloominglabs and general hackerspace advocate.

Steve is one of the co-founders of Bloominglabs, Bloomington, IN's hackerspace and the first hackerspace in Indiana. After many years of working as a software developer and DBA, Steve was very interested in moving from the pure software world into making things that exist in and interact in the Physical world. Steve is a strong supporter and advocate of both open source software and open hardware. As technology gets more advanced and proprietary, it is important to have open technologies that those who are interested can understand and change to fit their needs and desires. As William S. Burroughs said in the Nike commercial 'The purpose of man is not to serve technology. The purpose of technology is to serve man'.

For additional information, please refer to Steve Charlesworth's Web Page.

Sally Childs-Helton
Drummer for Wild Mercy, rhythm geek, general musical instigator/rabble rouser.

Sally Childs-Helton is the percussionist with eclectic Celtic and fannish band Wild Mercy, and with the Thin Air improvising ensemble. Also an ethnomusicologist and music educator, Sally holds her B.M.E., M.A., and Ph.D., is a certified Music for People improvisation teacher, and facilitates two annual women's drumming events ( Dr. Childs-Helton teaches ethnomusicology at the university level; conducts drumming and improvisation workshops around the country; and accompanies and creates original scores for dance, theater, and choruses. She believes almost anything can (and should) be a percussion instrument. Sally and husband Barry have been playing music in fandom since 1985 and were inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 2003. Her "day gig" is as a not-so-mild-mannered university archivist and professor of music and anthropology. A voracious reader, Sally's current favorite authors are William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Neil Gaiman, Kim Stanley Robinson, Connie Willis, and Tom Robbins. Her latest addiction is making books by hand and other paper arts. She and Barry live in Indianapolis with canine housemates Nina and Piper. Sally is also taller than most people think she is.

For additional information, please refer to Sally Childs-Helton's Web Page.

Allyson Clarkson
Singer, flautist, and general music-and-mischief-maker

Ally Clarkson is a singer and flautist who sometimes attempts to play keyboard and hand drums. Ally lives in Indianapolis, where she is owned by three cats and an immense rabbit. When not making music with Wax Chaotic or Herculean Cheese Storm, she enjoys reading, logic puzzles, origami, sewing, hiking, cooking, and catching up on all the awesome TV series she somehow managed to miss.

Elizabeth and Eric Coleman
A fountain of folklore, melody, and magic.

Cheshire Moon is the fanciful collaboration of trickster bird Lizzie Crowe and crazed magician Eric Coleman. What began as a simple joining of two talents in song circles, and occasionally during the mad-hatter antics of Eric Coleman on stage, whipped and frothed into the most likely of pairs. Eric's love of punk, folk and prog rock gives them an eerie, otherworldly sound, while Lizzie brings the voice of that otherworld to life in voice and verse. Then along came the lovely enigma known as Susan, who brought the wonders of the deep and the highs of soaring strings along with a voice as mellow and stirring as the wings through the folds of time. Together they bring about a torrent that is as playful as it is lightly sinister, all wrapped up in a pretty little beribboned box. Do you dare to open it?

For additional information, please refer to Elizabeth and Eric Coleman's Web Page.

Das Krakenhaus

Das Krakenhaus is a small independent publisher founded by Joe and Rose Streif as an alternative to the pitfalls of both traditional publishing and vanity presses.

Author Rose Streif lives in Indianapolis with her husband / business partner and their many cats. While she has traditionally published poetry in the past, the DIY movement gave her the creative control necessary to complete and publish a full-length paranormal fantasy, The Bearkeeper. She is currently editing a short story compilation, Unreal City, due out this summer.

For additional information, please refer to Das Krakenhaus's Web Page.

Ryan Davidson
Attorney and comic book fan

Ryan Davidson is an attorney licensed to practice in Indiana and co-founder of He is currently an associate at Hunt Suedhoff Kalamaros, LLP, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he practices general insurance litigation. Mr. Davidson cut his teeth on speculative fiction in the first grade and has been reading graphic novels since college.

For additional information, please refer to Ryan Davidson's Web Page.

TammyJo Eckhart, PhD

TammyJo Eckhart, PhD, is the author of 12 books, most of them science fiction and fantasy, as well as a convention game master who has been participating in science fiction conventions as a guest or featured author for almost a decade now. Holding a PhD in ancient history, folklore, and gender history, her work in academia and as a book reviewer are a small part of her wider interest in "geek culture." Known best for her edgy fiction that pushes the boundaries, she may also be one of the friendliest authors and gamemasters you'll ever meet if you dare approach her.

For additional information, please refer to TammyJo Eckhart, PhD's Web Page.

Laura Edwards

Laura is currently the Secretary of the Circle of Janus, which puts on InConJunction, and a Programming Assistant. Attendees may recognize her from previous years as the InConJunction Fun Police.

Debbie Gates
Wild Mercy Member, Sound Geek, Dog Wrangler

Once upon a time, Debbie G. had free time on her hands and wanted to make music with her friends. That turned into Wild Mercy and 10 years ago, that led to attendance (and performing) at her first sci-fi con. What a long strange trip it's been! The band has taken her from East Coast to St. Louis, from Memphis to Ontario, and the discovery of filk went from an innocent hobby to being the Filk Chair of Capricon (how did that happen??). At InCon (and any conventions in dog-friendly hotels), she can generally be found accompanied by one or more of "the redheads," aka her resident Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, so listen for the music or look for the fuzzy red dogs to find her!

For additional information, please refer to Debbie Gates's Web Page.

Jacque Greene
Pegasister, budding author, Origami enthusiast

Jacquelyn Greene is a young Pegasister, but loves the show. She has made a few of her own pony characters, and has ponified some of her different characters. She has made her own world, and has a large cast of characters all living in it. She is working on writing down these stories, but has only managed to finish writing one. She is also working on stories in different worlds, though most of these worlds are not as developed as her first. She is a budding Origami enthusiast, though spends most of time making paper dragons.

Joe Greene
This guy's a geek! He's big! He's green! But he's fuzzy, not mean.

Joe 'Volg' Greene is a costumer, LEGO roboticist, SciFi fan, DIY addict and UNIX admin. This guy's a geek! He's big! He's green! But he's fuzzy, not mean.

For additional information, please refer to Joe Greene's Web Page.

Tessa Greene

Tessa is a lover of all things zombie, and dark fantasy.

Scott Hann

Scott Hann in his 40s, single, and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. In the 1980s, he served in the US Army as an Infantryman and was stationed in the Federal Republic of Germany during the Cold War. In the two decades since leaving the Army, Scott has been a private detective, a microfiche delivery driver, a store clerk, a lab technician, and cab driver. Scott is a member of the Military Writers Society of America and the Robert Heinlein Society. He has been coordinator for the Heinlein Society Blood Drive at GenCon (Indianapolis) since 2005. As of January 2012, Scott is the National Blood Drive Chair for the Heinlein Society.

For additional information, please refer to Scott Hann's Web Page.

Drew Happli
Gamer, Computer Expert, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fan.

Drew Happli has 20 years experience in the computer field. This includes network administration, desktop support, help desk, and network design, along with just about anything else you can do with a computer and a few things you most likely shouldn't. Not only does he work on computers, he plays on them too. You are likely to find Drew playing Battlefield 3 (If you see HavenIndy in a vehicle, and are on the other team, stay off the road, sidewalk, or greenways), Guild Wars or Minecraft. Drew also plays non-computer games and is the Cell Leader for Indiana for Steve Jackson's Men in Black. Other fan interests of note are comic books (Drew has been collecting comic books for over 20 years), anime, and being a voracious reader. Drew first attended InConJunction in 1992, and started helping at InConJunction in 1993. So far he has headed A/V, Anime, Programming and Dealers' Room.

Andy Hasara
Makerspace Caretaker

Andy is a member of Club Cyberia (a Makerspace) and prop builder for laser tag scenario games. He is also a tabletop wargamer and loves miniature giant robots. He is here to assist Jason Voyles in discussing the benefits of Makerspaces in prop building, costuming and bringing SciFi gadgets to life.

Ronald Hawkins
Longtime journalist and creator of the Indiana Science Fiction Sojourns blog and column

Ronald Hawkins, a longtime journalist, is the creator of the Indiana Science Fiction Sojourns blog and column, which he has been writing for 5 years. The free blog can be found at It also is available as a print column in the Reporter-Times and as an online column at Currently a writer, copy editor, photographer, etc., for the Reporter-Times in Martinsville, Ind. He is the former New York bureau chief for Cable TV Business Magazine and has worked at multiple newspapers and other publications. A native of Louisville, Ky., he is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. This is his fourth appearance as a guest at InConJunction.

For additional information, please refer to Ronald Hawkins's Web Page.

Stephen Hines

Stephen Hines was spawned, and currently lives, in Ohio. When he's not infiltrating the system by teaching high school English, he's holed up in his basement writing novels, memoirs, and comic books, and sometimes recording music. Over the years he has been in more rock bands than he can count, but the rumble of his Fender bass still annoys the neighbors. Somehow his Ramones-obsessed wife and three feline daughters manage to tolerate him.

For additional information, please refer to Stephen Hines's Web Page.

Bree Jager

Bree is a costumer from a small town in Michigan. Most of her experience comes from a small theater troupe from the same town as well as some cosplay creations from the twisted brains of herself and friends. She is familiar with a great number of fandoms.

In addition, her personal experiences in the not-so-main-stream lifestyles leave her in a position to share what she has learned.

Tom Jaquish

Tom Jaquish is an engineer living in Fort Wayne and veteran panelist of three InConJunction conventions and one Tuscon in Tucson, Arizona. He has also walked the space advocacy side as program chair of the year 2000 International Space Development Conference in Tucson.

For additional information, please refer to Tom Jaquish's Web Page.

Morgan Jones

Morgan Jones has been an advocate for sexual freedom and avid educator in multiple areas of Alternative Lifestyles for over 15 years, he works fervently to educate on Polyamory, Kink and Paganism. His service to the Kink and Poly communities include multiple featured and guest speaker appearances as well as acting as the Organizer of the Indy Poly Meetup since 2006 and the Organizer for Labor Day Libertine/Jeweled Lotus since 2009. Working constantly to serve the Pagan community, he has been a speaker on multiple occasions and is a public figure and occasional media contact in Indianapolis. He started Horn & Honey in 2010, has been the Local Coordinator for eleven Indy Pagan Pride Days since 2000, as well as the Chairman of Indianapolis Pagan Pride, Inc, since 2004. He is also acting as Project Manager for Aether Hill -- an initiative at Our Haven Nature Sanctuary to develop low-forest-impact walking trails and campsites with minimal flora disturbance.

Rosemary Laurey
USA Today best-selling Author, Rosemary Laurey, writes paranormal and contemporary romance and fantasy. In her Madeleine Oh persona, she writes naughty books for grown up eyes only.

USA Today best-selling Author, Rosemary Laurey worked her way through careers as a market gardener, potter, nanny, teacher, dressmaker, bookseller and mother before finally discovering what she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. She also writes erotica as Madeleine Oh.

For additional information, please refer to Rosemary Laurey's Web Page.

Katt McConell

Katt is a member of Wax Chaotic, an independent group of folk/filk musicians who perform together live, but have been known to publish music individually. The band of Katt, Allyson Clarkson, and Sean McConnell is a trio to be reckoned with. Thanks to their eclectic tastes, their music is a grab-bag that is sure to entertain. The mood of their performance is fluid, changing from frenetic energy to infectious humor or heart-wrenching sadness at the drop of a downbeat. Although Wax Chaotic mostly plays folk or filk, one of folk's lesser-known subgenres, they aren't afraid to perform whatever music strikes their fancy. The band is currently active in the Indianapolis area and at conventions throughout the Midwest.

Jennifer Midkiff
Member of the band Wild Mercy (harp, vocals, bass guitar).

Jen Midkiff (Indianapolis, IN) is a not-so-mild-mannered choir director and music educator by day, and a harpist and singer on nights and weekends, when she's not wrangling two scarily smart little girls, two obnoxious cats, or her devoted but goofy schnauzer. She holds B.A. and M.M. degrees in music, and has played with her band Wild Mercy for ten years and her Celtic group Alair for six. She also has an extraordinarily awesome husband, who tolerates her running away to science fiction conventions on the weekends.

For additional information, please refer to Jennifer Midkiff's Web Page.

Sarah Miller

Sarah is an award-winning cake sculptor and decorator. She also volunteers at a horse barn, loves photography, spinning yarn, gardening, preserving food, and reading and writing science fiction.

Karl Niemiec
Award winning screenwriter, novelist and publisher at

Karl spent 30 years surviving Hollywood, developing the Prolific Screenwriter process so others wouldn't have to come to LA without one. He currently teaches from The Prolific Screenwriter Course Book online at and privately in Indianapolis. Watch for the upcoming Prolific Screenwriting Script Contest. Winners receive a teaching certificate to add the process to their screenwriting courses. Find out how it all works at The Prolific Screenwriter Panel.

For additional information, please refer to Karl Niemiec's Web Page.

Mark Racop
Filmmaker and Batmobile builder.

Mark Racop is the owner of MagicHouse Productions, an Indiana-based filmmaking company. He has produced dozens of movies, documentaries, and industrials since he started the company in 1987, including A Time For the Heart, which was chosen by the San Diego Comic Con for their International film festival in 2010.

He is also the owner of Fiberglass Freaks, a company that produces officially licensed 1966 Batmobile replicas.

For additional information, please refer to Mark Racop's Web Page.

Bob Richey

Bob has attended InConJunction since 2005. He is a builder and of large-scale costumes with his wife Kim. Their costumes have been first place winners of four masquerades, and a finalist once.

Kimberly Richey

Kim has attended InConJunction since 2005. She is a builder and wearer of large scale costumes with her husband Bob. Their costumes have been first place winners of four masquerades, and a finalist once.

Dr. Wolfgang Spendel, Ph. D.

Dr. Wolfgang Spendel is experienced in developing emerging science knowledge to create new products and applied technologies. His current research and development effort is in applied nanotechnology. Wolf is a co-founder of two startup companies, one focused on speeding up market introduction of recent scientific advances, the other working to commercialize a technology for growing nanoparticles inside polymers.

Mike Suess

Mike is a long-time science fiction, comic book, and movie fan. He has been a 31-year attendee of InConJunction and a convention committee member, panelist, and all-around volunteer for the past 25 years. He is a collector with many varied interests and enjoys engaging in conversation about all of them. Just ask him!

Brenda Sutton
Singer/songwriter, convention organizer, writer, editor, costumer, artist and mistress of the bodhran.

Brenda Sutton is an award-winning singer/songwriter, bodhranista/guitarist, 1/2 of the Celtic duo Bed 'n Breakfast, and 1/4 of Three Weird Sisters. A former music Guest of Honor at InConJunction, she and her husband Bill Sutton entertain audiences here and abroad. They were inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 2001. Brenda edited, published, and contributed to Mythic Passages, the Magazine of Imagination from 2004 - 2009 for Mythic Imagination Institute. She's worked in all aspects of convention-running. She is currently chair of Chambanacon, treasurer for Interfilk, and handles web and program book for GAFilk.

For additional information, please refer to Brenda Sutton's Web Page.

Jeff Thompson

With a list of qualifications including (but not limited to) b-movie maven, SubGenius preacher, amateur improv enthusiast, sci-fi fan, computer programmer and author, amateur prop and costume designer wanna-be, amateur astronomer, playwright, webmaster, follower of all things urban-legend and/or myth, past InConJunction ConChair, and hard-core chili-head, Jeff Thompson is either a modern-day renaissance man, or someone that will do anything once you get a drink in him.

Jeff's been attending InConJunction since 1983 and has been working for the convention since 1992. You can regularly catch Jeff at the Top Ten Worst Movies panel, Video Trivia Contest, Sci-Fi Whose Line, as an occasional member of InConJunction's acting troupe (the "It's Not Our Fault Players") or preaching at InConJunction's on-again/off-again SubGenius Devival. If you can't find him there, odds are he's in the bar.

For additional information, please refer to Jeff Thompson's Web Page.

Jason Voyles
President, Club Cyberia Maker Space

Jason is the President of Club Cyberia MakerSpace. He is happy to discuss things Maker & HackerSpace oriented.

For additional information, please refer to Jason Voyles's Web Page.

Wax Chaotic
Twisted Folk Musician

Wax Chaotic is a trio of musicians who've been putting their own twist on folk music since 2011. Both musically and lyrically eclectic, they change the mood and tone of their performance as whimsy dictates. Their musical influences include alternative, punk, bluegrass, blues, rock, pop, and of course, traditional and modern folk. They are lyrical storytellers, weaving themes of science-fiction and fantasy in with real-world events from their own lives. As a unit, the band tours the Midwest, looking for good places to spark musical mischief.

For additional information, please refer to Wax Chaotic's Web Page.

Crystal Wolf
Folk-rock musician and song-writer with a penchant for fantasy, science fiction, fandom, and humor.

Crystal Wolf is a 30-year-old folk-rock musician and song-writer with a penchant for fantasy, science fiction, fandom, and humor. She'll play just about anywhere provided she can get there. Crys is also a religious studies nerd who loves to read, podcast, sing, play the guitar, invent new forms of percussion, and dance -- like a crazy white girl. She also practices Open Source Romance and lives with her partner, Chris, who is all shades of awesome. They're kept by two cats, Zoe (a sweet-tempered tuxedo cat) and Sapphire (a beautiful pure white short-haired loner with ice blue eyes that are as cold as her soul), whose days consist of eating, sleeping, demanding that Crystal chase them around the apartment, and helping Chris and Crys take over the world. It is suspected that once the humans are firmly ensconced as benevolent dictators the cats can eradicate them in their sleep and replace them. Sapphire would also like the record to reflect that she is not required to wait until the Dynamic Duo are asleep.

For additional information, please refer to Crystal Wolf's Web Page.

Jeffrey Zweig II
Author of Sci-Fi ebooks The End Begins: The Nine and Project Nine: A Road of Fate.

Jeffrey Zweig II grew up in Indiana and majored in TV/Film production from Indiana State University with an emphasis on screenwriting and production. Jeff has written several short stories, one anthology, and one novel all currently available on Amazon and Jeff's primary genre is science fiction/fantasy. His influences stem from China Mieville, Robert A. Heinlein, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Mira Grant. He's also an active volunteer for the non-profit organization Reading and Radio Resource based in Dallas, Texas. In his first year as a guest for InConjunction, you can find him as a panelist a few times through Saturday, including Mistakes Beginning Writers Make, and Writing and Holding a Full-Time Job.

For additional information, please refer to Jeffrey Zweig II's Web Page.

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