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Complete Guest List for InConJunction XXXIV

Jack Campbell
Author Guest of Honor

Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell (John G. Hemry) is the author of the New York Times best-selling Lost Fleet series and Lost Stars series, as well as the Stark's War and Sinclair / "JAG in space" series, and the stand-alone alternate American Civil War novella The Last Full Measure. His most recent books are Lost Stars - Perilous Shield, and Beyond The Frontier - Steadfast in the Lost Fleet series. This fall, Audible is planning to begin bringing out as original audiobooks John's "steampunk with dragons" series, the first book of which is The Dragons of Dorcastle.

John's works have been published in eleven languages. His short fiction includes a wide variety of works covering time travel, alternate history, space opera, military SF, fantasy, and humor. His most-recently published short story is The War of the Worlds, Book One, Chapter Eighteen, The Sergeant Major (a previously unknown lost chapter to the classic novel). John has also written a fair amount of non-fiction, including articles on real declassified Cold War plans for US military bases on the Moon, and Liberating the Future: Women in the Early Legion (of Superheroes) in Sequart's Teenagers From the Future. At somewhat erratic intervals he presents his talk on Everything I Needed To Know About Quantum Physics I Learned From The Three Stooges, showing how Stooge skits illustrate principles of quantum physics as well as the occasional Newtonian law of motion or relativistic concept.

John is a retired US Navy officer, who served in a wide variety of jobs including surface warfare (the ship drivers of the Navy), amphibious warfare, anti-terrorism, intelligence, and some other things that he's not supposed to talk about. Being a sailor, he has been known to tell stories about "Events Which He Says Really Happened" (but which cannot be verified by any independent sources). This experience has served him well in writing fiction.

He lives in Maryland with his indomitable wife "S" and three great kids (all three on the autism spectrum).

For additional information, please refer to Jack Campbell's Web Page.

Kat Falls
Author Guest of Honor

Kat Falls

Kat Falls is the author of the middle-grade science fiction novels, Dark Life and Rip Tide, which she describes as "underwater westerns." Dark Life has been nominated for children's book awards in ten states and translated into 17 languages around the world. Kat appeared on the Today Show when Dark Life was featured on Al Roker's Book Club. Currently, Dark Life is in development for film at Disney with The Gotham Group producing.

Kat's young adult novel, Inhuman (Scholastic Press 2013), is the first book of a science fiction trilogy set in the near future after a plague has turned millions of people into feral beast-men. Inhuman received glowing reviews from Publishers Weekly, the School Library Journal, and VOYA; a starred review from Kirkus; and made the ABA's Indie Next List, which features the top 10 children's titles for the upcoming publishing season by age group.

Kat grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as an undergrad, and went on to receive an MFA from Northwestern University, where she now teaches. Kat lives in Evanston, Illinois with her husband, theater director Robert Falls, their three children, and a slew of pets.

For additional information, please refer to Kat Falls's Web Page.

Aaron Williams
Artist Guest of Honor

Aaron Williams

Aaron is a cartoonist, writer, illustrator, t-shirt designer, and "anything else I can do to keep the house from being foreclosed on"-er who resides in Kansas City, Missouri with his loving and tolerant family.

Aaron's works include PS238 about a school for metaprodigy children, Full Frontal Nerdity about four guys celebrating and dissecting everything geekdom has to offer (usually around a gaming table), Nodwick the hapless henchman and the adventurers who abuse him, and and his newest webcomic Use Sword on Monster.

For additional information, please refer to Aaron Williams's Web Page.

Rob Pyatt, Ph.D.
Science Guest of Honor
Mad Scientist and Pseudo Super Villain

Rob Pyatt, Ph.D.

Rocketed to Earth as an infant to escape the destruction of his home world where his parents had been brutally murdered before his eyes one night in a dark alley, Rob's ship crash landed in a jungle where he was adopted by a friendly gorilla and raised to learn the ways of the jungle. As a teen-ager, Rob re-joined society and quickly enlisted in the army where he was given an experimental formula designed to create the ultimate soldier. After being put on ice for a number of years, Rob ditched the military and got a job at a scientific research facility where he was unfortunately exposed to gamma radiation, beta radiation, delta radiation, cosmic radiation, and a really nasty bite from a radioactive spider.

Well, sort of.

Rob's been bouncing around InConJunction for a number of years now and you can normally find him hosting the "The Weird World of Science" or "Top 10 Worst Sci-Fi & Horror Movies" with Jeff Thompson and Chris Canary.

As a mild mannered scientist, Rob's secret identity allows him the chance to develop his plans for world conquest while conducting some pretty twisted experiments. In the past, he's warped the fragile minds of college students at Morris Brown College, Clark-Atlanta University, and Emory University. Rob is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology at Ohio State University and the Assistant Director of the Cytogenetics/Molecular Genetics Laboratory at Nationwide Children's Hospital. He also currently writes a column for the Annals of Improbable Research called "Pubmed Goes to the Movies" which compares films and scientific articles that share the same titles.

Lou Harry
Author of The Superman Guide to Life: Living the Superhero Lifestyle and the novelization of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Lou Harry

Lou Harry is the author or co-author of more than 25 books including Creative Block, Know Your Zombies, The Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures, and the novelization of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (seriously). His novel The High-Impact Infidelity Diet was optioned by Warner Bros and his Voodoo Lou series of doll-and-book kits have sold over a million copies. He is also a playwright whose produced work includes Midwestern Hemisphere, The Pied Piper of Hoboken, and the Indy Fringe hit Beer Can Raft. His freelance work has appeared in Writer's Digest, Variety, and over 50 other publications. He serves happily as Arts & Entertainment Editor for the Indianapolis Business Journal and appears weekly on Fox 59 morning news and on WIBC radio. At past InConJunctions, he created and hosted the Science Fiction/Fantasy Spelling Bee, led the popular and lively Pub Trivia competition, and served as panelist and charity auctioneer.

For additional information, please refer to Lou Harry's Web Page.

Jon Buran
Featured Guest
Comic and Video Game Artist

Jon Buran

Comics, Concept Design, Toy Design and Video Games, Jon Buran does it all! Entering into the wild world of comics in 2007, Jon has pushed lead for some of the industries biggest houses, including DC Comics, Marvel Comics, DC Direct, Top Cow Productions, and Blizzard Entertainment to name a few. He continues to work toward his dream of complete and utter domination of this planet via illustrated form from his home in Indiana to this very day with the aid of his minion (and son) Leo and his love goddess (wife) Angela. Come visit Jon and crew for some killer art and delightful conversation.

For additional information, please refer to Jon Buran's Web Page.

David Lee Pancake
Featured Guest

David Lee Pancake%u2019s sculptures and illustrations represent a varied and unique repertoire of his personal interests. He pursues a wide variety of subject matter that includes dragons, superheroes, risqu%uFFFD angels, abstracts and horror sculptures and paintings. His talent expresses equally in clay or canvas. David loves to play with textures in his sculptures and his attention to detail is revealed in his careful application of dragon scales and feathers. He states: %u201CI love detail and texture and angels, dragons and other mythical creatures allow me the freedom to play with the clay and bring to life what%u2019s inside my head.%u201D The fantasy creations of David Lee Pancake are gracing homes all over the world and we are sure you wont forget his name, just think about your favorite breakfast food.

For additional information, please refer to David Lee Pancake's Web Page.

Aaron Allston
Unable to appear at
this year's convention

Rest in Peace

Aaron Allston was hired by game designer and publisher Steve Jackson as circulation manager for Space Gamer magazine. Over the next two years, he became assistant editor and then editor of the magazine.

Aaron also began designing game supplements on a freelance basis for Steve Jackson Games and then for Hero Games. In 1983, shortly after Space Gamer won the H.G. Wells Award (a branch of the Origins Awards) for Best Role-Playing Magazine of 1982, he went freelance full-time as a game designer and editor, doing most of my work for Champions publisher Hero Games. He also began doing early development work for a Star Trek magazine, a project that did not pan out for him but gave him valuable insights into the licensed fiction industry. Three years later, he began doing work for Dungeons & Dragons publisher TSR, Inc., a relationship that was to last until the mid-1990s.

In 1990, Aaron did story development, character scripting, and other writing work for The Savage Empire, a dinosaurs-and-cavemen-with-magic computer game in the Worlds of Ultima line for Origin Systems, Inc. Subsequently he worked on several more computer game projects for Origins, gradually moving out of the field as he also transitioned away from paper role-playing game work.

Aaron's first novel, Web of Danger, game-based fiction supporting the Top Secret/S.I. game line, was released by TSR in 1988. Baen Books published his second novel (and first original fantasy), Galatea in 2-D. Subsequently he wrote and sold an average of a little over one novel a year, and gradually moved from game design to full-time fiction writing. In 1997, Aaron began working with the Star Wars Expanded Universe line; his first novel for the line, X-Wing: Wraith Squadron was released in 1998. Since then, more Star Wars novels, work for other licensed universes, and original SF&F have followed.

For additional information, please refer to Aaron Allston's Web Page.


Featured in the Creators' Alley

Catherine Batka

Biography available soon.

For additional information, please refer to Catherine Batka's Web Page.

David Brown
Author of The Omega Gambit, a Christian Sci-Fi apocalyptic thriller.

David Alan Brown is an Electrical Engineer by education, a Software and Systems Developer by profession, and an Author by choice. All of these are by the grace of God. David grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota but after college his career took him to the suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana where he is blessed to reside with his wife and children. The Omega Gambit is his first published work.

For additional information, please refer to David Brown's Web Page.

Lydia Burris

Biography available soon.

For additional information, please refer to Lydia Burris's Web Page.

Bekah Crowmer
I use a mix of traditional and digital media to paint a unique story inspired by fantasy and mythology.

I have been working professionally as an illustrator for about 5 years now, but I have been an artist since I can remember. I work in a mix of different media, including watercolor, colored pencil, ink and brush, digital, and the combination of all of those. I'm inspired by fantasy and mythologies, and try to tell a story with every illustration I make.

For additional information, please refer to Bekah Crowmer's Web Page.

Das Krakenhaus

Das Krakenhaus is a small independent publisher founded by Joe and Rose Streif as an alternative to the pitfalls of both traditional publishing and vanity presses.

Author Rose Streif lives in Indianapolis with her husband / business partner and their many cats. While she has traditionally published poetry in the past, the DIY movement gave her the creative control necessary to complete and publish a full-length paranormal fantasy, The Bearkeeper. She has also authored Night Music, a collection of short stories set in that universe, and has edited the short story compilations Unreal City and The End of the World As We Know It.

For additional information, please refer to Das Krakenhaus's Web Page.

Laura Hawks

Biography available soon.

Kevin Meinert

Biography available soon.

For additional information, please refer to Kevin Meinert's Web Page.

Mary Winters-Meyer

Biography available soon.

For additional information, please refer to Mary Winters-Meyer's Web Page.


Also Appearing

Ian Albers

First Mate, Pirate Crew

John F. Allen
Paranormal series author with Seventh Star Press

John F. Allen is an American speculative fiction writer born in Indianapolis, IN. He is a founding member of the Speculative Fiction Guild and is also a member of Indiana Writers Center. He began writing stories as early as the second grade and has pursued all forms of writing at some point, throughout his career. He studied Liberal Arts at IUPUI with a focus in Creative Writing. John's debut novel, The God Killers was published in Summer 2013 with Seventh Star Press. John currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife, son and daughter.

For additional information, please refer to John F. Allen's Web Page.

James Barnes
Publisher by day, Writer by night, and still living and working in scattered chaotic organization.

James is a writer, speaker, publisher, amateur archaeologist, and outdoor enthusiast. He is the author of the historical fantasy series, "A Book of Orenck", (Thief King, & Imposter-released in June, 2014). He is also the author of "3 Simple Rules: A Guide for Business & Life" released in May, 2014. James is currently working on a graphic novel based on his short story, "Adventures In Purgatory" and a quasi-nonfiction/publishing guide titled, "The Accidental Publisher." When James is not writing, he working as the publisher for Loconeal Publishing, a small press based in northern Ohio. He is also the owner of Handcar Press, a company dedicated to providing author and publisher services for independent and established authors, small presses, and other organizations at any level. If all that seems like a lot, you should see what he gets done on his day off.

For additional information, please refer to James Barnes's Web Page.

Matthew Barron
Fiction Writer

Matthew Barron spends his days mixing and analyzing human blood as a medical technologist in Indianapolis Indiana. He also writes fiction and enjoys different genres and mediums of storytelling. He released his dystopian novella, Secular City Limits in 2009. His stories have appeared in House of Horror and the Roboterotica anthology. He also has two short comics in the Welcome to Indiana comic anthology. His latest book, The Lonely Princess, is a picture book for children and adults of all ages with illustrations by local artist Charles Gratner. He is currently working on an urban fantasy graphic novel and a sword sorcery book. For more information about Matthew and sample of his writing, visit

For additional information, please refer to Matthew Barron's Web Page.

L.E. Bradford

Lt. Sanuelle Path is the chief communications officer for the TSN David Wolf, a battleship class vessel in the Terran Stellar Navy. She favors fresh salads, harp music, and talking smack to Skaraan Enforcers in any of their many dialects. She loves having guest visit at the Artemis Bridge Simulator, so you should drop by when you have the chance! In another life, she is a fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars, loves both tabletop and console games, and simple can't get enough rainbows!

Jeremy Brown-Hayes
TSN David Wolf Crew Member

I'm a computer (and gaming, sf&f, etc) geek, and am part of a local crew for the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator.

Dave Buhr
Warp Factor 4

Captain Alan Stewart of the Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator.

Kate Chaplin
Kate Chaplin is an indie filmmaker and author

Named a Naptown notable resident by Intake Magazine, as well as one of the most talented writers around today by the Writers Page, Kate Chaplin is an multi-award-winning film maker whose projects have appeared on MTV, local television, film festivals, in print and online. Ms. Chaplin's latest film project First They Came for won awards the Indy Award, the Gold Award and was nominated for the Hoosier Lens Award. Ms. Chaplin works on many film productions in Indiana as a Co-Producer, Assistant Director, or Script Supervisor. She is the author of The Belief Test and the president of the Indy Writers' group. Ms. Chaplin is passionate about film and sought after to provide film classes at local schools, libraries and leadership organizations to help inspire others to learn more about filmmaking.

For additional information, please refer to Kate Chaplin's Web Page.

Mike Cowper

Mike Cowper is a professional geek. He has been managing the technical side of an Internet Service Provider for over ten years. He is (or at least was when he used to have time) an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy. Mike has been attending InConJunction since 1984 and volunteering since about 1991. He is a past convention chairman and past president of Circle of Janus. He is an amateur actor and has been in many InConJunction plays. He also does game demonstrations for two game companies (Steve Jackson Games and Looney Labs Games) and is very involved with his church (Valley Mills Christian Church).

For additional information, please refer to Mike Cowper's Web Page.

Walter Daniels
I've been reading R&Sf since Forbidden Planet came out. I've been learning about dealing with emergencies since about the same time. I've been to about 100 Con's.

I've been reading R&Sf since Forbidden Planet came out. I've been learning about dealing with emergencies since about the same time. Growing up in Florida does that for you.) I've been actively involved with "Survivalism" (Note: NOT the usual "prepper" BS), since 1996. I'm moderately well known in Business/Marketing groups on LinkedIn. I've only missed one (IIRC) InConJunction, due to being in a wheelchair, since 2008. As of June 2014, I have a YA/Childrens/Christian book coming out in June/July. A book about the problems the Handicapped face, goes to the editor in June, for publication in September(?). Three cook books for single/handicapped are also in process.

Laura Dombrowski
Author of Demon's Kiss and Demon's Dream

Ms. Hawks has always been interested in writing in some form or other. A few years back, she was involved with and then ran a Star Trek Interactive Writing Group which was successful for a number of years. Yes, she is a trekker and proud of it. She has directed tours around the country and continues to do so to pay the bills. Maybe one day, she can travel for fun and let the books she writes pay the bills instead. She can only hope. Then a few years back, she received her Master%u2019s Degree in Ancient Civilizations, Native American History and United States History. It was at this time she got involved in role playing on FaceBook, which gave her ample opportunities to grow and hone her writing ability. Taking the leap forward, she decided to try her hand at writing a novel. That novel is entitled Demon%u2019s Kiss. Shortly after, she was published as part of an anthology called Fairly Freaky Fairytales. Her contribution is entitled Snow White and the Seven Cannibals. A sequel to Demon%u2019s Kiss, entitled Demon%u2019s Dream is now on sale. She has a couple of other projects for soon to be released novels, including a new series that utilizes Native American history and mythos incorporated into her paranormal world.

For additional information, please refer to Laura Dombrowski's Web Page.

Mark Dooley
Artist, writer, stand-up comic, "De Boss" of the Whoosier Network.

MARK C. DOOLEY is "De Boss" of the Whoosier Network, Indiana's Doctor Who and Sci-Fi Connection, now in its 32nd year. He is also an award-winning cartoonist, writer, and stand-up comic. Much of his geekiness can attributed to his mother, who allowed him to stay up and watch "Nightmare Theater" on Friday nights, despite his grandmother's disapproval. "You let him watch all those dad dum monster movies all dad dum night, he'll go out of his dad dum mind." Which proved that Grandma had the gift of prophesy.

For additional information, please refer to Mark Dooley's Web Page.

TammyJo Eckhart, PhD
Pushing Fiction Boundaries Since 1995

TammyJo Eckhart, PhD, returns for another fun year at InConJunction. A published author of non-fiction, science fiction, fantasy, horror, historical, and contemporary fiction, she is represented by Terrie Wolf of AKA Literary, LLC. A self-proclaimed "Geek Girl" she loves to talk with readers and fellow geeks. She is also returning this year to run her 9th WoD tabletop game -- new players always welcomed.

For additional information, please refer to TammyJo Eckhart, PhD's Web Page.

E. Chris Garrison
Indianapolis-area author of science fiction novel Reality Check, and the Road Ghosts urban fantasy trilogy.

Eric Garrison is active in the writing community in Indianapolis, Indiana. He lives in the Circle City with his wife, step-daughter and a cabal of cats. He also enjoys gaming, home brewing beer, and finding innovative uses for duct tape. Eric's novel, Reality Check, is a science fiction adventure released by Hydra Publications. The Road Ghosts trilogy, released by Seventh Star Press, is Eric's supernatural urban fantasy series with a sense of humor. Eric is also a regular participant and occasional winner of the Iron Writer Challenge flash fiction contest.

For additional information, please refer to E. Chris Garrison's Web Page.

Deane Geiken
Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator Crew-Captain

Capt. Hans Drachen TSN Belisarius - BS 108

Katie Grause
Nerd, geek, and dork, all in an attractive 30-something package.

Ms. Grause enjoys many aspects of geekdom - from comics, sci-fi and anime to gaming, costuming and the internet. By day, a mild-mannered state government employee and by night (and weekend) discovering new outlets for her curiosity. She is also currently the female half of a band, Fate Pies. This is her eighth InConJunction and looks forward to many more.

Jacque Greene
Chief Science Officer TSN Mystwulf

Chief Science Officer of the TSN MystWulf, Pokemon Fan, and Pegasister.

Drew Happli
Gamer, Computer Expert, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fan.

Drew Happli has 20 years experience in the computer field. This includes network administration, desktop support, help desk, and network design, along with just about anything else you can do with a computer and a few things you most likely shouldn't. Not only does he work on computers, he plays on them too. You are likely to find Drew playing Battlefield 4 (If you see HavenIndy in a vehicle, and are on the other team, stay off the road, sidewalk, or greenways), Counter-Strike, Guild Wars or Minecraft. Drew also plays non-computer games and is a Regional Director for Steve Jackson's Men in Black. Other fan interests of note are comic books (Drew has been collecting comic books for over 20 years), anime, and being a voracious reader. Drew first attended InConJunction in 1992, and started helping at InConJunction in 1993. So far he has headed A/V, Anime, Programming and Dealers' Room.

Dustin Jablonski

Dustin has been a fan of sci-fi/fantasy and classic horror films since age 5. He is a film historian, a published writer for We Belong Dead, Hidden Horror, and has set up film memorabilia displays around Indiana for over 20 years. Dustin owns over 2000 reference and photo play books in over 15 languages on sci-fi and horror films.

Tom Jaquish

Tom Jaquish is an engineer living in Fort Wayne and veteran panelist of three InConJunction conventions and one Tuscon in Tucson, Arizona. He has also walked the space advocacy side as program chair of the year 2000 International Space Development Conference in Tucson.

For additional information, please refer to Tom Jaquish's Web Page.

Thomas Jones
Co-founder of The Pathworks Community

A practitioner of almost all things 'Alt'.

For additional information, please refer to Thomas Jones's Web Page.

J.D. Kennedy

A game designer and freelancer. He's a Line Developer for Third Eye Games as well as a freelance writer for Onyx Path.

Melissa Kocias

Melissa Kocias is a conference and meeting planner by day, part-time bellydancer and samurai Avon lady by night. (Trust her - she's a professional!) When she's not managing the registration for dozens of conventions (or out saving the world), she is working on getting published in something other than a textbook or a peer-reviewed journal.

She has been a fan of science fiction ever since the neighbor kids across the street let her play with their Star Wars action figures in 1980. She sometimes has to play the You Took Me To See The Wrath of Khan In The Theaters When It First Came Out card when her mother, who is clearly a closet Trekkie, pooh-poohs any involvement in Melissa's lifelong pursuit of getting to use a functioning transporter.

Upon entering graduate school for the second time, Melissa turned the lens outward, and began studying fans and fan behavior. She did an ethnographic study of some Klingon groups, and has promised, after suffering one too many Dian Fossey jokes, that her eventual publication of the experience will be called, Klingons in the Mist.

Rosemary Laurey
Rosemary: Fantasy and Romance Author Madeleine: Erotica Author

Both of them: USA Today best-selling Author, Rosemary Laurey is an expatriate Brit, retired special ed teacher and grandmother, who now lives in Ohio and has a wonderful time writing stories of vampires and shapes shifter and other weird and wonderful characters. Madeleine Oh is a woman of mystery. Some claim she is the granddaughter of an odalisque from the Bey%u2019s harem in Algiers or that her father was a direct descendant of the line of Welsh princes. Others say that her parents met whilst working for the French Resistance during WW2, and there have even been rumors that she was born on a ranch in Patagonia. Perhaps all of this is pure and utter fiction. But truth or fiction, readers love her wildly imaginative erotic tales.

For additional information, please refer to Rosemary Laurey's Web Page.

Tom Lee
Computer sysadmin, roleplayer, musician, writer, artist, actor

Tom Lee is a roleplayer who has run limited-duration games and multi-year campaigns. He has done voice acting for a few small productions. He has sung with an a capella madrigal group and played recorder with a medieval dance band. He is also a fan of Doctor Who, Star Trek (TOS is still the best), Larry Niven and H.P. Lovecraft. He has an MS in physics and works as a computer systems administrator. He is married to TammyJo Eckhart and lives in Bloomington, Indiana.

Crystal Leflar
Crystal Leflar is not skilled in referring to my-herself in the third person but she, like most authors, keeps a blog.(

Crystal Leflar is a blogger book reviewer, previously with Fantasy Magazine now for Hell Notes and Horror Novel Reviews. She%u2019s a Promotion Specialist and slush reader for Nightscape Press and an Acquisitions Editor for Pavor Nocturnus. Her fiction has appeared in a variety of anthologies and she has several projects in the works.

For additional information, please refer to Crystal Leflar's Web Page.

Joseph Long, Ph. D.
Prof. Long is co-author of 'Star Wars and Philosophy'

Dr. Joseph Long is an Associate Faculty member in the Department of Philosophy at IUPUI and co-author of the book, 'Star Wars and Philosophy.' He plan to speak about his article, "Religious Pragmatism Through the Eyes of Luke Skywalker," to sell signed copies of his books, and to exchange gossip about the future of the Star Wars franchise.

Shannon Lowery
Shannon is a frequent cos-player and geek girl.

Shannon is a frequent cos-player and geek girl.

Beckie Margedant

Fun Police! Enough said!

C.S. Marks

C.S. Marks has often been described as a Renaissance woman. Author, artist, horsewoman, professor, naturalist, bowyer, songwriter and performer--she is best known for the very successful Elfhunter trilogy, which has sold over 40,000 copies in print and e-book form. After two years of being %u201Cout of print and offline,%u201D this epic trilogy is currently being re-released by Parthian Press. Chris is in demand as a lecturer, panelist, and presenter at conventions, academic fairs, and publishing workshops, and her short fiction has been featured in numerous anthologies. She is now hard at work on an exciting new Alterran series, the Undiscovered Realms, and comes to Inconjunction with a brand new novella from the Alterra Histories. She looks forward to bringing her wonderful tales of Alterra to an ever-widening group of appreciative readers of all ages.

For additional information, please refer to C.S. Marks's Web Page.

Kat McConnell
All around science nerd and sci-fi geek.

Never having outgrown playing dress-up, Kat was thrilled to learn about events known as "conventions" where wearing costumes was not only accepted, but encouraged.

A few years ago she wandered into the realms of special effects makeup and has been working at haunted houses in October and creeping out family and friends the rest of the year.

Sean McConnell

A Musical Member of Wax Chaotic

Amy McCorkle
Love. Danger. Romance to Die For.

Amy McCorkle writes romantic thrillers and under Kate Lynd for her scifi and dystopian books has nine books including the Amazon Bestselling GLADIATOR, Bounty Hunter, and her memoir, Letters to Daniel. She spends most of her time writing books and feeding her pet kitty Chyna. She has been awarded for her books, screenplays, and her blogs as well. She aspires to write her own television series, an indie soap, and to gain a traditional publishing contract and agent. Her most recent achievement is having Stan Lee eat her food and winning Best Sci Fi Screenplay for Bounty Hunter with her best good friend, Melissa Goodman.

For additional information, please refer to Amy McCorkle's Web Page.

Lisa Meece

Lisa is interested in keeping conventions (and the parties connecting with them) fun and safe for everybody. This means talking about the things that make people uncomfortable and helping people define and defend their own space and experiences - at conventions and in the broader world. (It's more fun than it sounds, I promise!)

For additional information, please refer to Lisa Meece's Web Page.

Jennifer Midkiff
Member of the band Wild Mercy (harp, vocals, bass guitar).

Jen Midkiff (Indianapolis, IN) is a not-so-mild-mannered choir director and music educator by day, and a harpist and singer on nights and weekends, when she's not wrangling two scarily smart little girls, two obnoxious cats, or her devoted but goofy schnauzer. She holds B.A. and M.M. degrees in music, and has played with her band Wild Mercy for ten years and her Celtic group Alair for six. She also has an extraordinarily awesome husband, who tolerates her running away to science fiction conventions on the weekends.

For additional information, please refer to Jennifer Midkiff's Web Page.

Marck Miller
Get Weird, Turn Pro.

Hello, I am a life-long resident of Indianapolis, a (save for a 6-year stint in Chicago). I am, too, a lifelong reader and artist as well! Books like 1984 and We (Zamyatin) and other dystopian-type sci-fi and spec-fi really shaped me not just as an intellectual, but as a human being. I have suffered at the hands of a broken brain for many years, which manifested for most of those simply as Feeling Like Shit aka Depression, Anxiety, Worry. My life changed spontaneously and while I remain the same person I am able to more fully grasp life, and without the aid of medication (well, the kind they sell at CVS). I love to make! See my flickr page for just some of my art and ideas. At the risk of sounding off-the-cuff or useless, I'll note that I can explain more about what I do before joining any panel. :)

For additional information, please refer to Marck Miller's Web Page.

Mickey Moore
The artist formerly known as Buddy Studebaker

Mick enjoys sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and games of all types. This year will be his 20th straight InConjuction. During those years he has won awards at the masquerade 4 times, 2 times being with songs, one a parody and one an original composition. He has performed in various college and local musical, theater, and improv groups all over the state of Indiana, performed at Crackers comedy club, and has almost always been in a band. He currently performs with his band Fate Pies.

Mike Shepherd Moscoe
Mike Shepherd Moscoe - military SF writer.

Mike is having a very prolific year. The latest book in the National Best Selling Kris Longknife science fiction saga, Kris Longknife %u2013 Defender came from Ace last October. To Do or Die, in February, continued the story of Ray Longknife and Trouble, Rita and Ruth as they struggle to make peace. Vicky Peterwald %u2013 Target in June followes her as she tries to find herself. Oh, and stay alive. Finally, Kris Longknife %u2013 Tenacious will answer a lot of questions. Also look for two novellas in the Kris universe as well, Kris Longknife's Assassin in May and maybe one about Penny in September. All the novels and novelles are available at Mike is also an independent publisher, bringing out e-books of several collections of his award nominated short stories as well as the out-of-print Lost Millennium Trilogy. Visit his web site to learn about his latest.

For additional information, please refer to Mike Shepherd Moscoe's Web Page.

Amy Page-Cline
20 Years at Conventions and still going.

Part-Time School Bus driver and MOM. I love to bake, sew, cook, and most of all I love my two daughters. I have been attending Cons for over 20 years now. Last Starbase I celebrated my 20th year at conventions and in fandom.

Violet Patterson
Author, costumer, cosplayer and occasional Mad Hatter

Ms. Patterson graduated from Miami University with a degree in psychology and minor in criminology. She spends her days like most super-heroines waiting for the clock to strike five, so she can escape into her imagination once again to pen another bestselling novel. Be sure to check out her amazing paranormal EMERALD SEER Series.

For additional information, please refer to Violet Patterson's Web Page.

Matthew Quiett

Matthew is involved in 2 podcasts and a podcast network of 3 other shows.

For additional information, please refer to Matthew Quiett's Web Page.

Mark Racop
Filmmaker and Batmobile builder.

Mark Racop is the owner of MagicHouse Productions, an Indiana-based filmmaking company. He has produced dozens of movies, documentaries, and industrials since he started the company in 1987, including A Time For the Heart, which was chosen by the San Diego Comic Con for their International film festival in 2010.

He is also the owner of Fiberglass Freaks, a company that produces officially licensed 1966 Batmobile replicas.

For additional information, please refer to Mark Racop's Web Page.

Bob Richey
Costumer/tinkerer specializing in the large, impracticable, and awesome.

An InConJunction attendee since 2005, Bob Richey is involved in costuming and creating Huge creatures using cheap and simple materials.

Kim Richey


Jake Roach

Captain TSN InConGruitous

Jeff Seymour
Author of the epic fantasy Soulwoven

Author, writer, and editor Jeff Seymour has been creating speculative fiction since he was a teenager. He is the author of the magical realist short story collection Three Dances and the epic fantasy novel Soulwoven, which has netted him over half a million reads and 14,000 followers online. Jeff has also edited sci-fi and fantasy on a freelance basis for clients including Harlequin%u2019s digital-first imprint Carina Press and the Nelson Literary Agency Digital Liaison Platform. In his free time, he blogs about his writing and editing, pretends he knows anything about raising an energetic kitten, and dreams. Follow him on Twitter @realjeffseymour Like him on Facebook at Join his mailing list at

For additional information, please refer to Jeff Seymour's Web Page.

Kathryn Silver
Kathryn Silver Colorist and Illustrator

Kathryn A Silver currently lives in Indianapolis. She freelances on the side with full intent to freelance full time. Kathryn works for Sky Blue Ink colorist Hilary Sycamore and has helped with many projects from first second books. Kathryn currently is tutoring students with an interest in drawing and art. She hopes to inspire young artists to improve, draw, and become more interested in art.

For additional information, please refer to Kathryn Silver's Web Page.

Mike Suess

Mike has been attending InConJunction since InConJunction 1 and has been a participant on some level (volunteer, committee member, auctioneer or program and play participant) every year since the early-mid 80's. He works part-time at the Hero House comic shop, loves comics (obviously), Science Fiction of all types, including Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who and a variety of movies and books. Mike also has quite a sizable collection of collectible stuff. He's always happy to discuss these or many any other topics that you might have in common.

R.J. Sullivan
Local author of paranormal thrillers and SF, and lifelong fan with over 20 years of InConjunction experiences.

R. J. Sullivan's novel Haunting Blue is an edgy paranormal thriller and the first book of the adventures of punk girl Fiona "Blue" Shaefer and her boyfriend Chip Farren. Seventh Star Press released Haunting Obsession, a Rebecca Burton Novella, in 2012 and Virtual Blue, the second book in Fiona's tale, in 2013, and a new edition of Haunting Blue in June 2014. R. J.'s short stories have been featured in such acclaimed collections as Dark Faith Invocations by Apex Books and Vampires Don't Sparkle. His newest project is the Red Lotus series of science fiction novelettes. R.J. resides with his family in Heartland Crossing, Indiana. He drinks regularly from a Little Mermaid coffee mug and is man enough to admit it. He is a member of the Speculative Fiction Guild.

For additional information, please refer to R.J. Sullivan's Web Page.

Jeff Thompson

With a list of qualifications including (but not limited to) b-movie maven, SubGenius preacher, amateur improv enthusiast, sci-fi fan, computer programmer and author, amateur prop and costume designer wanna-be, amateur astronomer, playwright, webmaster, follower of all things urban-legend and/or myth, past InConJunction ConChair, and hard-core chili-head, Jeff Thompson is either a modern-day renaissance man, or someone that will do anything once you get a drink in him.

Jeff's been attending InConJunction since 1983 and has been working for the convention since 1992. You can regularly catch Jeff at the Top Ten Worst Movies panel, Video Trivia Contest, Sci-Fi Whose Line, as an occasional member of InConJunction's acting troupe (the "It's Not Our Fault Players") or preaching at InConJunction's on-again/off-again SubGenius Devival. If you can't find him there, odds are he's in the bar.

For additional information, please refer to Jeff Thompson's Web Page.

Mark Wandrey
Worldmaker - Caution, worlds under construction.

Calling from rural Tennessee, Mark Wandrey is a US Customs and logistics expert who just also happens to be a writer specializing in Military Sci-fi and hard Sci-fi. His current series, Earth Song, has three books already out with four more to come. Caution, worlds under construction!

For additional information, please refer to Mark Wandrey's Web Page.

Wax Chaotic
Wax Chaotic - Twisted Folk Music

Wax Chaotic is a trio of musicians who've been putting their own twist on folk music since 2011. Both musically and lyrically eclectic, they change the mood and tone of their performance as whimsy dictates. Their musical influences include alternative, punk, bluegrass, blues, rock, pop, and of course, traditional and modern folk. They are lyrical storytellers, weaving themes of science-fiction and fantasy in with real-world events from their own lives. As a unit, the band tours the Midwest, looking for good places to spark musical mischief.

For additional information, please refer to Wax Chaotic's Web Page.

Michael Allen Williams
The Captain of the TSN David Wolf

Captain of the TSN David Wolf, Allen Storm is pleased to help bring the Artemis Bridge Simulator to InConjunction again. The Captain enjoys instructing new cadets, thwarting invading forces, ladies in short skirts, and grain-fed Iowa beef. Please feel free to join him and rest of the Crew at the simulator to show off your fleet skills.

Crystal Wolf
Folk-rock musician and song-writer with a penchant for fantasy, science fiction, fandom, and humor.

Crystal Wolf is a 30-year-old folk-rock musician and song-writer with a penchant for fantasy, science fiction, fandom, and humor. She'll play just about anywhere provided she can get there. Crys is also a religious studies nerd who loves to read, podcast, sing, play the guitar, invent new forms of percussion, and dance -- like a crazy white girl. She also practices Open Source Romance and lives with her partner, Chris, who is all shades of awesome. They're kept by two cats, Zoe (a sweet-tempered tuxedo cat) and Sapphire (a beautiful pure white short-haired loner with ice blue eyes that are as cold as her soul), whose days consist of eating, sleeping, demanding that Crystal chase them around the apartment, and helping Chris and Crys take over the world. It is suspected that once the humans are firmly ensconced as benevolent dictators the cats can eradicate them in their sleep and replace them. Sapphire would also like the record to reflect that she is not required to wait until the Dynamic Duo are asleep.

For additional information, please refer to Crystal Wolf's Web Page.

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