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Complete Guest List for InConJunction XXXVI

Simon Morden
Author Guest of Honor
British author of the Samuil Petrovitch series, "Arcanum" and more

Simon Morden

Dr. Simon Morden, B.Sc. (Hons., Sheffield) Ph.D (Newcastle) is a bona fide rocket scientist, having degrees in geology and planetary geophysics. Unfortunately, that sort of thing doesn't exactly prepare a person for the big wide world of work: he's been a school caretaker, admin assistant, PA to a financial advisor, and a part-time teaching assistant at a Gateshead primary school. He now combines a busy writing schedule with his duties as a house-husband, attempting to keep a crumbling pile of Edwardian masonry upright, wrangling his two children and providing warm places to sleep for the family cats. His not-so-secret identity as journeyman writer started when he sold the short story Bell, Book and Candle to an anthology, and a chaotic mix of science fiction, fantasy and horror followed. Heart came out to critical acclaim, and Another War was shortlisted for a World Fantasy Award, but with The Lost Art, things suddenly got serious. Contracts. Agents. Deadlines. Responsibility. Scary stuff. The Lost Art was subsequently a finalist for the Catalyst Award for best teen fiction. As well as a writer, he's been the editor of the British Science Fiction Association's writers' magazine Focus, a judge for the Arthur C Clarke awards, and is a regular speaker at the Greenbelt Arts Festival on matters of faith and fiction. In 2009, he was in the winning team for the Rolls Royce Science Prize. In 2011, the first three Petrovitch books were collectively awarded the Philip K Dick Award. A bibliography of Simon's work can be found here and you can read a selection of his essays here.

For additional information, please refer to Simon Morden's Web Page.

Heather V. Kreiter
Artist Guest of Honor
Award-winning fantasy illustrator; creator of the "My Little Demon" series

Heather V. Kreiter

Heather is an award winning Fantasy Illustrator that has been working professionally in the Gaming industry since July 2000. She was first introduced to the world of Fantasy at the age of 14, when a friend gave her the book, "The Sleeping Dragon" by Joel Rosenberg. Just two years later, her life would be forever changed. She picked up the book, "Dragons of Spring Dawning" by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman. This was the first time she had ever seen the artwork of Larry Elmore. Soon thereafter she was in awe of other Dragonlance artists, Clyde Caldwell, Jeff Easley and Fred Fields. After spending about 4 years gathering a lovely collection of rejection notices she finally received her first freelance project for the CCG Doomtown by AEG. In Gaming circles, she is most known for her work on the CCG Legend of the Five Rings as well as Vampire the Eternal Struggle and World of Darkness (White Wolf Inc./ CCP NA). In 2013, Heather stepped back from the Gaming Industry to focus almost exclusively on her My Little Demon brand. Started in 2007 as the result of a small child's 25 year repressed love of My Little Pony, My Little Demon is a dark parody of MLP. A Garbage Pail Kids for a new generation, if you will. All of Heather's Demons are created with tongue-in-cheek names like Porny Delight, Wang LoHung, and Autospy Turvy and while they may look cute, they are most definitely not created for children! To date, Heather has created over 50 unique characters in the Demon line and has no plans of stopping any time soon! All are created independently of MLP and none are based on any prior or current MLP characters. The Demons started out as just 6 drawings done for shits and giggles and have expanded to include calendars, coloring books, LE figurines, personal checks, and even plushies! Despite what many people think, Heather is actually a Vintage My Little Pony collector with a collection that is in the hundreds and spans many generations!

For additional information, please refer to Heather V. Kreiter's Web Page.

Wax Chaotic
Music Guest of Honor
Wax Chaotic - Twisted Folk Music

Wax Chaotic

Wax Chaotic is a pair of lyrical storytellers who've been putting their own twist on folk music since 2011. Weaving themes of science-fiction and fantasy in with real-world events from their own lives, they change the mood and tone of their performance as whimsy dictates. Their musical influences include alternative, punk, bluegrass, blues, rock, pop, and of course, traditional and modern folk. While based in Indianapolis, their venues are as varied as their name suggests, from Canadian conventions and house concerts across the Midwest to local outdoor festivals. Wherever there%u2019s an audience for something completely different, that%u2019s where they%u2019ll be.

For additional information, please refer to Wax Chaotic's Web Page.

Rockne S. O'Bannon
Media Guest of Honor
Screenwriter/director/showrunner Rockne S. O'Bannon is one of the top purveyors of speculative fiction for film and television today.

Rockne S. O'Bannon

Screenwriter/director/showrunner Rockne S. O'Bannon is one of the top purveyors of speculative fiction for film and television today. From creating the current hit Syfy television series DEFIANCE, to the fan and critic favorite FARSCAPE, to the hit film and television series ALIEN NATION, he has pushed the limits of imagination on both the big and small screens. Most recently he has served as Executive Producer on the NBC series REVOLUTION, and the NBC/DC COMICS adaptation CONSTANTINE.

Born in Los Angeles, O'Bannon was an "industry kid". His father was a Lighting Gaffer for Warner Bros. from the silent days until the 1970s, while his mother was a Contract Dancer/Choreographer at MGM during the heyday of the big Busby Berkley-style musicals of the 1930s and '20s. From the age of eight, O'Bannon knew he wanted to be a filmmaker. While most kids were reading The Hardy Boys and comic books, he was reading screenplays smuggled home from the studio by his father.

Among his favorite television shows as a boy was Rod Serling's THE TWILIGHT ZONE. So it was particularly fitting that his entrance into the business was as Writer/Story Editor for CBS-TV's 1985 revival of that venerated series of chills and imagination. It was O'Bannon's work on THE NEW TWILIGHT ZONE that brought him to the attention of Steven Spielberg who asked him to write an episode of his NBC anthology series AMAZING STORIES.

In 1987 O'Bannon wrote the original screenplay ALIEN NATION, which was produced by Gale Anne Hurd (THE WALKING DEAD, THE TERMINATOR) for Twentieth-Century-Fox. The worldwide success of the feature film, starring James Caan and Mandy Patinkin, led to the FOX Network television series and five two-hour television movie sequels, as well as a continuing series of ALIEN NATION novels.

O'Bannon followed ALIEN NATION with his directing debut, FEAR, a thriller starring Ally Sheedy and Pruitt Taylor Vince for Showtime Network. Soon after, he was approached again by Steven Spielberg, this time to collaborate on a grand futuristic adventure series for NBC-TV. The result was SEAQUEST DSV starring Roy Scheider, on which O'Bannon served as Creator and Executive Producer.

During the mid-1990s, O'Bannon created EON-4, sponsored by Apple, heralded as the very first science fiction entertainment developed specifically for the then very young world wide web.

In 1994 O'Bannon co-wrote and directed the FOX Network television film DEADLY INVASION, an ecological cautionary thriller starring young Ryan Phillippe. ROBIN COOK'S INVASION, a four-hour mini-series for NBC-TV written by O'Bannon aired during the May 1997 sweeps. And for May sweeps the following year, O'Bannon wrote CREATURE, another four-hour mini-series, this one for ABC-TV, adapted from the Peter Benchley best seller. In 1999, O'Bannon wrote FATAL ERROR, the TBS Network's first original television event movie.

O'Bannon's television series FARSCAPE, which he created and executive produced, debuted on the SCI FI Channel in 1999. It was the young network's first original series, winning multiple awards, and often appearing on "The Year's Best" lists in TV Guide Magazine and numerous publications around the globe. The series' four year run was capped by the premiere of FARSCAPE: THE PEACEKEEPER WARS, a four-hour event mini-series that aired on the SCI FI Channel in 2004.

In 2005, THE TRIANGLE premiered on the SCI FI Channel to both critical and ratings acclaim. The six-hour mini-series was written and Executive Produced by O'Bannon with Bryan Singer (SUPERMAN RETURNS), and Dean Devlin (INDEPENDENCE DAY).

Most recently, in addition to DEFIANCE on Syfy, O'Bannon created and Executive Produced the startlingly-original series CULT for The CW, a show that has appropriately achieved status as a "cult" favorite.

For his work in film and television, O'Bannon has been the recipient of an unprecedented eight Saturn Awards, presented by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, more than anyone else. He has also received nominations for the cable Ace Award and from the Writers Guild of America.

Beckie Margedant

Auntie Toast is exhausted after having to come up with that bio, but she'll keep at it. Auntie Toast learned everything she knows about hosting and toasting from her very own implausibly young Auntie, Moxie Ann Magnus. Her existence is a little hard to explain, there's been some time travel and extensive journeying to get her where she is today. She'd like to thank the lovely gentleman with that long scarf for dropping her off in Indianapolis.

Toast spends most of her time trying to make sure that Sneaky isn't destroying the universe. Sneaky spends most of his time not caring what Toast has to say. They are not married... They just both have parents who made bizarre choices in names!

Uncle Sneaky

"Who cares, anyway?"

Wait a second, is that your bio? That's a horrible bio. I think I can do better. Uncle Sneaky was born down on the bayou in the worst storm since '34. They say when he came out, a bolt of lightning hit the ground right outside his mother's bedroom window and gave spark to the man we all call Uncle Sneaky today.

Sneaky left home at the age of 8, joined a carnival, left that carnival, became a sailor on a private ship, jumped off the side of said ship after a dispute over whether or not he "owed" anyone "money" after a particularly "bad" game of poker. On his 12th birthday, he discovered his true calling and became a troublemaker. He's never looked back.

Dr. Arlan K. Andrews, Sr.
Featured Guest
Author, futurist, and founder of the SIGMA science fiction think tank.

Dr. Arlan K. Andrews, Sr.

"Science fiction is my way of life," Dr. Arlan Andrews says quite seriously. "It gave form to my childhood imagination, and those visions have propelled me through my adult life." He credits SF for taking him out of the backwoods of Arkansas and into a lifetime of technology development. "Who knows, if I'd stayed home, I might have gotten into politics," says Arlan, who was indeed the Libertarian Party's nominee for the governor of North Carolina in 1976. "But who would ever take any politician from Arkansas seriously?" (Like another Arkansan at the time, he did make it to the White House, serving as a Fellow in the White House Science Office, 1992 - 1993.)

Retiring in 2013 after a long career in engineering design and development, from White Sands Missile Range to his own high-tech startups, Arlan is now a full time writer, consultant, researcher and public speaker. His November 2014 Analog novella, "Flow," is a recommended choice on both the "Sad Puppies" and the "Rabid Puppies" slates for Hugo nominations, and a December 2014 short story "Foundation and Zombies," is available online from His two e-publications, a novel, Valley of the Shaman, and a short story collection, Other Heads & Other Tales, are both available for Kindle and Nook.

An SF fan ever since reading Heinlein's Red Planet in 1950, and an SF pro since his first sales to Omni and Asimov's in 1979, he has since published over 500 SF stories, articles, columns, poems and novelty items in more than 100 venues worldwide, including Analog, SF Review, SF Age, Fantasy Book, Pulphouse, anthologies (Nanodreams, How to Save the World), UFO Magazine, The New Scientist, Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Atlantis Rising, and others. His non-fiction deals with everything from humor, politics, nanotech, 3D printing, alternative archeology, UFOs, and various aspects of the esoteric and paranormal.

While working at the White House in 1992, Arlan founded SIGMA, the science fiction think tank, a group of professional science fiction authors who provide pro bono futurism consulting for the Federal government and appropriate non-government organizations (NGOs). SIGMA has since worked with the Department of Homeland Security, various military and intelligence agencies, and NGOs. In January 2012 four SIGMAns were guests of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the Global Competitiveness Forum in Riyadh, presenting a panel on "Disruptive Technologies." In May 2015, SIGMAns will make presentations at the "Humans to Mars (H2M)" conference in Washington, D.C.

In the field of alternative archaeology, Arlan has published articles for magazines Atlantis Rising and Ancient American, and wrote one of the forewords to InConJunction guest Chris Dunn's latest book, Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt. Fulfulling a lifelong dream, he visited pyramids and temples of Egypt in 2008, accompanied by longtime friend and author Chris Dunn. In 2012 he visited other ancient sites in Peru, and is now working on a book to share some of his discoveries there. He made brief appearances on the Ancient Aliens cable TV show "Ancient Engineers," and in the French documentary movie, "Revelations of the Pyramids."

In 2013 Arlan retired as Environmental Director of Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas. In 2015 he and his wife Joyce relocated to a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky, where they are looking forward to re-connecting with InConJunction and other Midwest fandom and old-time friends.

Keith R. A. DeCandido
Featured Guest
Best known for his Star Trek fiction as well as Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Farscape, Supernatural and much more.

Keith R. A. DeCandido

Keith R.A. DeCandido has written for more than two dozen different licensed universes, including Star Trek (dozens of pieces of fiction, most recently The Klingon Art of War), Stargate SG-1 (the new novel Kali's Wrath and a short story in Far Horizons), Firefly (the novelization of Serenity and an adventure for the Firefly RPG), Farscape (the "fifth-season" comics published from 2008-2011, written with series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon), Heroes Reborn (Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World), Sleepy Hollow (Children of the Revolution), Supernatural (Nevermore, Bone Key, and Heart of the Dragon), World of Warcraft (Cycle of Hatred), Doctor Who (short stories in Decalog 3: Consequences and Destination Prague), The X-Files (a short story in Trust No One), Marvel Comics (two Spider-Man novels, a bunch of short stories, and the Tales of Asgard trilogy starring Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three), and tons more. His original work includes the "Precinct" series of fantasy police procedurals, starting with Dragon Precinct in 2004 and continuing through half a dozen books and short stories; a cycle of urban fantasy short stories taking place in Key West that have appeared in Ragnarok and Roll: Tales of Cassie Zukav Weirdness Magnet, Out of Tune, Bad-Ass Faeries: It's Elemental, Without a License: The Fantastic Worlds of Keith R.A. DeCandido, Buzzy Mag, and Story of the Month Club; the Super City Police Department stories and novels (The Case of the Claw and stories in With Great Power and The Side of Good/The Side of Evil, with more to come); and an upcoming series of urban fantasy novels based in New York City featuring a monster hunter named Bram Gold. In 2009, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers, which means he never needs to achieve anything ever again. He has been doing rewatches of shows in the Star Trek and Stargate franchises for since 2011, as well as the 1966 Batman. Keith is also a freelance editor, a second-degree black belt in karate, a veteran podcaster, a member of the Liars Club, an avid baseball fan, and probably some other stuff that he can't remember due to the lack of sleep. Find out less at his cheerfully retro web site at

For additional information, please refer to Keith R. A. DeCandido's Web Page.

TammyJo Eckhart, PhD
Featured Guest
Author of edgy fiction that crosses genres

TammyJo Eckhart, PhD

TammyJo Eckhart is the author of eleven books and a regular at InConJunction. She has been published in several anthologies and journals over the years and even consulted on table RPG games and scholarly books. She adores reading to live audiences and running interactive RPGs of a horror bent. Currently she lives in Bloomington, Indiana, where she earned a PhD in Ancient History at the university and volunteers for the educational program at the campus museum. Come check on here in the Creators' Alley to see if she has new books out this year and to dig through the freebies she builds up as a book reviewer.

For additional information, please refer to TammyJo Eckhart, PhD's Web Page.

Shannon Eichorn
Featured Guest
Author of upcoming space opera novel Rights of Use (and aerospace engineer)

Shannon Eichorn

Shannon Eichorn decided that writing novels had to be the most challenging occupation possible, because one can never achieve perfection. A way to combine imagination and anything one could learn, writing scifi was obviously her ideal career. Her dad told her to get a real job. (Something about affording food?) So she followed in the footsteps of her role model Sam Carter and studied aerospace and mechanical engineering. Before graduating cum laude from Case Western Reserve University (thanks in part to writing scholarships), she wrote service instructions for turbofan engines, taught horseback riding, and supported supersonic wind tunnel testing. She's been caught up in wind tunnel testing ever since. In her "infinite free time," she reads urban fantasy and space opera, cosplays, and sings in a praise band. She lives in the Cleveland area with her domesticated mad rocket scientist and can be followed at @SEEichorn and

For additional information, please refer to Shannon Eichorn's Web Page.

Lou Harry
Featured Guest

Lou Harry

Lou Harry is the author of more than 25 books including Creative Block, The Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures, the novelization of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and, most recently, The Sugar Bush Chronicles: Adventures with the World's Most Photographed Squirrel. His plays include "Midwestern Hemisphere," "Lightning and Jellyfish," and "Popular Monsters." He serves as Arts & Entertainment Editor for the Indianapolis Business Journal and and has written for Writers Digest, Variety, The Sondheim Review, and dozens of other publications.

For additional information, please refer to Lou Harry's Web Page.

Michelle Mussoni
Featured Guest
International Award Winning Cosplayer

Michelle Mussoni

Mogchelle started in cosplay by just being an average geek attending an anime convention in 1999. Her love for the artwork in anime, video games, and comic books made her want to bring the 2D images from the pages and screen to real life. She%u2019s also been featured in several national and international magazines, and several online entertainment news sources for her costuming. Over the years she has won countless awards internationally for both craftsmanship and performance on the masters level, and is considered a master craftsman by the International Costumers Guild. Conventions across the country often ask Michelle to present panels/workshops on various topics within Cosplay. They vary from lightweight armor creation, thermoplastics, molding and casting, wig design, special FX makeup, wings, etc. More are added every year, in the effort to spread her love for Cosplay. She has done work for The Children%u2019s Museum of Indianapolis, Manga Entertainment, Studio Ironcat LLC, and video game, comic book, and anime publishers across the country. She can also be seen doing workshops for public libraries during the summer throughout the Midwest. Every year, she chooses a charity organization to help raise funds for by donating a portion of the profits of her craft and print sales!

For additional information, please refer to Michelle Mussoni's Web Page.

Rob Pyatt, Ph. D.
Featured Guest
Mad Scientist and Pseudo Super Villain

Rob Pyatt, Ph. D.

Rocketed to Earth as an infant to escape the destruction of his home world where his parents had been brutally murdered before his eyes one night in a dark alley, Rob's ship crash landed in a jungle where he was adopted by a friendly gorilla and raised to learn the ways of the jungle. As a teen-ager, Rob re-joined society and quickly enlisted in the army where he was given an experimental formula designed to create the ultimate soldier. After being put on ice for a number of years, Rob ditched the military and got a job at a scientific research facility where he was unfortunately exposed to gamma radiation, beta radiation, delta radiation, cosmic radiation, and a really nasty bite from a radioactive spider.

Well, sort of.

Rob's been bouncing around InConJunction for a number of years now and you can normally find him hosting the "The Weird World of Science" or "Top 10 Worst Sci-Fi & Horror Movies" with Jeff Thompson and Chris Canary.

As a mild mannered scientist, Rob's secret identity allows him the chance to develop his plans for world conquest while conducting some pretty twisted experiments. In the past, he's warped the fragile minds of college students at Morris Brown College, Clark-Atlanta University, and Emory University. Rob is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology at Ohio State University and the Assistant Director of the Cytogenetics/Molecular Genetics Laboratory at Nationwide Children's Hospital. He also currently writes a column for the Annals of Improbable Research called "Pubmed Goes to the Movies" which compares films and scientific articles that share the same titles.

The Shake Ups
Featured Guest
Meet The Shake Ups In Ponyville, an original music project inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic! For the past three years, this collective of musicians has been wowing audiences across the U.S. with its brand of "pony power pop." The band's stage show includes audience sing-alongs, group dancing, and multimedia clips from the series.

Meet The Shake Ups In Ponyville, an original music project inspired by the television series and pop culture phenomenon My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic! For the past three years, this collective of musicians has been wowing audiences across the U.S. with its brand of "pony power pop," performing at fan events (the MLP Fair, Ponycon, Ponyville Ciderfest) and major conventions (Comic Con, Wizard World, Gen Con). The Shake Ups In Ponyville have released three full-length albums of original MLP-based music, and have even performed with voice actors and musicians from the MLP series. The band's stage show includes audience sing-alongs, group dancing, and multimedia clips from the series. The Shake Ups In Ponyville are professional crowd pleasers whose performances are fun for the whole family!

For additional information, please refer to The Shake Ups's Web Page.


Also Appearing

Ian Albers

Ian Albers practically grew up at this convention and now that he has some of that "life experience" with all the science and the gaming and the being a teacher and what not, he thought he should give back a little. He can be found running and assisting with creative/horrible ideas in a series of fun events throughout the weekend.

John F. Allen
The Best Is Yet To Come!

John F. Allen is an American writer born in Indianapolis, IN. He is a member of the Speculative Fiction Guild and the Indiana Writers Center. He began writing stories as early as the second grade and pursued all forms of writing at some point, throughout his career. John studied Liberal Arts at IUPUI with a focus in Creative Writing, received an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force and is a current member of the American Legion. John's debut novel, The God Killers was published in 2013 by Seventh Star Press along with two novellas in the Codename: Knight Ranger series. He also has several published speculative fiction short stories in various anthologies. John currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife and son.

For additional information, please refer to John F. Allen's Web Page.

Lisa Anderson
Mad Hatter Extraordinaire

Tristienne Gryfe has been an artist of one sort or another all her life. Origami, sculpture, and bead jewelry captured her interest as a teen, until making a living took priority and she began her culinary career. Even so, she continued to dabble; a silver-smithing class here, a sewing machine there, elf slippers, fleece jester hats... In 2010 she made her first tiny hat on a whim and has been hooked ever since.

For additional information, please refer to Lisa Anderson's Web Page.

James Barnes
James is a speaker, author, publishing consultant, and leadership guide. He is the author of "3 Simple Rules: A Guide for Business and Life", and "EntrePublishing: A Publishing Start-up Guide".

James O. Barnes is a speaker, author, publishing consultant, and leadership guide. He is the author of "3 Simple Rules: A Guide for Business and Life", and "EntrePublishing: A Publishing Start-up Guide". In addition to his consulting, James began Loconeal Publishing, a small-press publishing company, in 2009. The mission of Loconeal Publishing is to bring new, emerging, and experienced authors to readers locally and internationally. Loconeal Publishing is a multi-genre publisher of fiction, non-fiction, business, education and books for children. James can be reached at;;

For additional information, please refer to James Barnes's Web Page.

E Susan Baugh
Susan is a Librarian who really likes e-books.

Susan is a Librarian, reader, reviewer and writer. She likes to read, travel (especially to cons), and enjoys sleeping as well as watching TV since retiring. Susan enjoys speaking about disability access, television & movies, finding free & low cost e-books, loosing/maintaining weight while attending cons, and outreach to writers. Her current goal in life is to not break any more bones.

Dr Catherine Callaghan
Linguist and author of a new vampire novel, "Belleporte".

Dr. Catherine Callaghan is a professor of linguistics at The Ohio State University. She is the author of "Other Worlds: Poems on Prints by MC Escher" (a book of poetry published by an actual publisher, not a vanity press), "Proto-Utian Grammar and Dictionary with Notes on Yokuts" (a weighty tome), and her latest: "Belleporte", a vampire novel in a university setting.

Jonathan  Couch
The Indiana Chapter of the Mando Mercs

The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club (MMCC) has quickly grown to be one of the largest global Star Wars' fan organizations. Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club is a registered 501(c)(4) non-profit within the USA, with several chapters in countries around the world. In 2011 Mandalorian Mercs was recognized by LucasFilm LTD. as the "Elite Mandalorian Costuming Organization."

Mike Cowper

Mike Cowper is a professional geek. He has been managing the technical side of an Internet Service Provider for over twenty years. He is (or at least was when he used to have time) an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy. Mike has been attending InConJunction since 1984 and volunteering since about 1991. He is a past convention chairman and past president of Circle of Janus. He is an amateur actor and has been in many InConJunction plays. He also does game demonstrations for two game companies (Steve Jackson Games and Looney Labs Games) and is very involved with his church (Valley Mills Christian Church).

For additional information, please refer to Mike Cowper's Web Page.

CAPT (SG) Sherman Day

Captain (Senior Grade) Sir Sherman Day of the HMS Demon, Northern Illinois and Indiana's local chapter of The Royal Manticoran Navy (TRMN). TRMN is a Fan Association based on the literary works of David Weber in the Science Fiction Military group of book series collectively known as the Honorverse, which started with the 14 Book Series of Honor Harrington and has grown to 5 different book series collectively known as the Honorverse which includes over 30 Books.

For additional information, please refer to CAPT (SG) Sherman Day's Web Page.

Brendan Detzner
Brendan Detzner writes in a variety of genres. His work is sometimes, funny, sometimes scary, and usually very strange. you can check it out at

Brendan Detzner is a writer from Forest Park IL. His work is sometimes, funny, sometimes scary, and usually very strange. His short fiction has appeared in Pseudopod, Chizine, the Book of Dead Things and Exigencies Anthologies, and many other places. He runs the Bad Grammar Theater genre reading series in Chicago and his short story collection "Beasts" is coming out in October of 2015. You can see what he's up to at

For additional information, please refer to Brendan Detzner's Web Page.

Anjala Dick
Coloring the world with song, yarn, and colored pencils.

Anjala Dick is a geeky master of yarn and adult coloring books. She also loves all things Harry Potter, Twilight, and Star Trek related. When not delving into the world of geekdom, she spends her free time with her spouse, Dillan, their fur child, Cedar, as well as their mother, Judy. Anjala is also a purveyor of karaoke. It brings her sublime joy when she's either rapping "Ice, Ice Baby" or singing "The Time Warp" in front of her fellow geeky friends. Anjala also recently discovered the magical world of adult coloring books. She uses this medium to help relieve stress and anxiety as well as taking shapes and colors and telling a story with them. If you see her, just know that she may burst out in song at any moment, especially random songs like "Magdalena Hagdalena".

Zen DiPietro
Science fiction/fantasy author and unrepentant fangirl

Zen DiPietro is a lifelong bookworm, dreamer, writer, and a mom of two. Perhaps most importantly, a Browncoat Trekkie Whovian. Also red-haired, left-handed, and a vegetarian geek. Absolutely terrible at conforming. A recovering gamer, but we won't talk about that. Particular loves include badass heroines, British accents, and the smell of Band-Aids. Zen writes science fiction as well as fantasy that leans toward science-y stuff. Her professional background includes a puzzling mix of librarian, medical researcher, marketing exec, and semi-pro dancer. It always comes back around to fandoms and books, though. To that end, she spends too much time on social media and writing reviews, author interviews, and writer tradecraft at her website

For additional information, please refer to Zen DiPietro's Web Page.

Matt Dodds

What can you say about Matt? Very interested in Pokemon and Cosplaying, also a YouTube "Let's Player". He loves to play video games and loves to talk about different games and TV shows. He is currently a student at IUPUI, going for video.

For additional information, please refer to Matt Dodds's Web Page.

Barbara Doran
Author of "Claws of the Golden Dragon" New Pulp for a New Generation

Barbara is a military brat who has spent much of her life moving from base to base. Thanks to my father, she was infected with a love of reading from an early age; introducing her to S.J. Perelman and P.G. Wodehouse, as well as Heinlein and Asimov. She takes full blame for my adoration of Fantasy, however. Reading, for some, inevitably leads to writing. In her case she started that early as well and blush to remember some of the horrors she inflicted on those poor defenseless pieces of paper. There've been many of them and more each year. She'd like to think they've improved since then. She's been writing mainstream Fantasy for the most part, but pulp titles like "The Shadow" and "Doc Savage" were among my early influences. She's also come to adore "The Green Hornet" TV series, in part because of Bruce Lee and in part because it was ahead of its time when it came to how it treated minorities. Barbara has two sons, both teenagers, a husband and a dog. There's also a cat who thinks I belong to her, but is still arguing that point. Her age is old enough and continues to increase daily.

For additional information, please refer to Barbara Doran's Web Page.

Katina French
Steampunk novelist, ADDY award winning copywriter and small press publisher.

Katina French is a speculative fiction author from southern Indiana. An award-winning copywriter, she's been writing professionally for over 20 years. Recent works include The Clockwork Republics, a series of classic fairy tales retold in a steampunk setting, as well as The Belle Starr Chronicles, a space adventure serial. She's recently been featured in Daily Science Fiction. Kat writes fast-paced, humor-laced stories of high adventure that appeal to young adults and the young at heart.

For additional information, please refer to Katina French's Web Page.

E. Chris Garrison
Loves to write about ghosts, fairies, and improbable steampunk gadgetry.

E. Chris Garrison is active in the writing community in Indianapolis, Indiana. Chris lives in the Circle City with her wife, step-daughter and a cabal of cats. She also enjoys gaming, home brewing beer, and finding innovative uses for duct tape. Chris's novel, Reality Check, is a science fiction adventure released by Hydra Publications. The Road Ghosts trilogy, released by Seventh Star Press, is Chris's supernatural urban fantasy series with a sense of humor, which is continued in her Tipsy Fairy Tales books. Chris has released the first two books of the Trans-Continental steampunk series, which has a transgender protagonist. The second bookMississippi Queen will debut at InConjunction 2016.

For additional information, please refer to E. Chris Garrison's Web Page.

Chris Gerrib

Chris Gerrib has three novels out, The Mars Run, Pirates of Mars, and The Night Watch. He admits to being a bit obsessed with Mars, but in a healthy way. Chris still has a day job as the IT director at a Chicago-area bank, and holds degrees in history and business from the University of Illinois and Southern Illinois University. He also served in the US Navy during the First Gulf War, and can proudly report that not one Iraqi MiG bombed Jacksonville, Florida while he was in the service. In his copious free time, Chris is a past President of and currently active in his local Rotary club.

For additional information, please refer to Chris Gerrib's Web Page.

Katie Grause
Nerd, geek, and dork, all in an attractive 30-something package.

A geek of many fandoms, Katie enjoys aspects of many genres - from comics, sci-fi and anime to gaming, costuming and the internet. She is also currently the female half of a band, Fate Pies. This is her tenth InConJunction and looks forward to many more.

Joe Greene
This guy's a geek! He's big! He's green! But he's fuzzy, not mean.

Joe 'Volg' Greene is a costumer, LEGO roboticist, SciFi fan, DIY addict and UNIX admin. This guy's a geek! He's big! He's green! But he's fuzzy, not mean.

For additional information, please refer to Joe Greene's Web Page.

Drew Happli
Drew is an avid fan of Technology, Science Fiction & Fantasy books, tv shows, and movies, along with both computer and non-computer/non-console gaming.

Drew Happli has over 20 years experience in the technology field, this includes network administration, network design, along with just about anything else you can do with a computer and a few things you most likely shouldn't. Not only does he work on computers, he plays on them too. You are likely to find Drew playing an online game . Drew also plays non-computer games and is the Regional Director for the Midwest for Steve Jackson's Men in Black. Other fan interests of note are Comic books (Drew has been collecting comic books for over 30 years), Anime, and Drew is a voracious reader. Drew first attended InConJunction in 1992, and started helping at InConJunction in 1993. So far he has headed A/V, Anime, Programming and Dealers Room, and been Conchair.

Ronald Hawkins
A multi-decade, award-winning journalist, Ronald Hawkins has been writing the Indiana Science Fiction Sojourns column and blog for eight years. He's been on and conducted several InConJunction panels in the past.

A multi-decade, award-winning journalist, Ronald Hawkins has been writing the Indiana Science Fiction Sojourns column and blog for eight years. He's been on and conducted several InConJunction panels in the past, including several where he provided original videos. Hawkins also has been giving his "Science Fiction: Imagination, Fun and Intellect" to central Indiana libraries.

For additional information, please refer to Ronald Hawkins's Web Page.

Laura Hawks
Paranormal Author

Ms. Hawks has always been interested in writing in some form or other. A few years back, she was involved with and then ran a Star Trek Interactive Writing Group which was successful for a number of years. Yes, she is a trekker and proud of it. She has directed tours around the country and continues to do so to pay the bills. Maybe one day, she can travel for fun and let the books she writes pay the bills instead. She can only hope. Then a few years back, she received her Master's Degree in Ancient Civilizations, Native American History and United States History. It was at this time she got involved in role playing on FaceBook, which gave her ample opportunities to grow and hone her writing ability. Taking the leap forward, she decided to try her hand at writing a novel. That novel is entitled Demon's Kiss. A sequel to Demon's Kiss, entitled Demon's Dream is on sale. The final part to the Demon Saga Trilogy will be available soon. She also has a new Series, Entitled the Spirit Walkers Saga with the first book entitled Shifter's Hope, now available. She has a couple of other projects for soon to be released novels, including a new series that utilizes Native American history and mythos incorporated into her paranormal world.

For additional information, please refer to Laura Hawks's Web Page.

Tom Jaquish

Tom Jaquish is an engineer from Fort Wayne who's married to a playwright and has kids who have varying opinions about science fiction.

For additional information, please refer to Tom Jaquish's Web Page.

Christopher Kennedy
Science Fiction...with a Side of Fantasy

A bestselling Science Fiction/Fantasy author and speaker, Chris Kennedy is a former naval aviator with over 3,000 hours flying attack and reconnaissance aircraft, an elementary school principal and an instructional systems designer for the Navy. Chris is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and the Society of Children%u2019s Book Writers and Illustrators. Chris%u2019 full length novels include the "Occupied Seattle" military fiction duology, "The Theogony" and "Codex Regius" science fiction trilogies, and the "War for Dominance" fantasy trilogy. He is also the author of the #1 Amazon self-help book, "Self-Publishing for Profit" and the forthcoming leadership book "Leadership from the Darkside." Called 'fantastic' and 'a great speaker,' he has coached hundreds of beginning authors and budding novelists on how to self-publish their stories at a variety of conferences, conventions and writing guild presentations. Catch up with Chris and join his mailing list at You can also find him on Facebook at and on Twitter at @ChrisKennedy110.

For additional information, please refer to Christopher Kennedy's Web Page.

Mr Anthony Lillig
Star Wars Geek

He has been the president of the Indy Knights (Indianapolis' Star Wars fan club), he runs the Imperial Remnant (Central Indiana's Premier Star Wars gaming club), and cannot be killed by mortal means.

For additional information, please refer to Mr Anthony Lillig's Web Page.

Lisa Meece
Lisa Meece Coaching. Stretch your expectations.

Lisa Meece is passionate about Barfleet and the work the UBS Indycent does to provide hospitality at our local fan-run conventions. You can generally find her on the dance floor while the Barfleet party is running. She has said that her heart is at home at fan-run conventions, and she enjoys evangelizing them to those who have not yet found this delightful and unique corner of the multiverse. Outside of conventions, her interests run towards helping geeks stretch themselves. She's taught yoga for 15 years, and been teaching in unique environment of a SciFi convention for 10 years. She works with geek minds, as well, as a life coach who helps people create lives that bring more joy into the world. Familiar with all sorts of non-traditional lifestyles, she offers an 'if you can shock me, your next session is free' guarantee to all of her life coaching clients. If you%u2019re looking for her at the convention, her laugh has been known to work as an effective echolocation mechanism.

For additional information, please refer to Lisa Meece's Web Page.

Jim Meeks-Johnson
Science Fiction Writer

Jim Meeks-Johnson is a life-long science fiction reader who began writing science fiction around 2010. His short stories have earned Honorable Mentions in the L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest in 2012, 2014 and 2015. His first publication was By the Numbers in 2015. He is currently writing a novel set in the same universe as By the Numbers, but a hundred years later, after the aliens have arrived. He is a writer for SciFutures, a blend of futurist and science fiction writing for industry. Jim has degrees in mathematics and psychology and "mathematical psychology "and has worked for many years as a software developer in a think tank for medical informatics research at Indiana University.

Mary Miller

Mary is long time bi stellar sci fi fan!! She is a Vice President of the IndyKnights as well as the Deputy Fleet Commander for Starfleet Command. A big fan of the TV Show Big Bang Theory, Mary has put on panel discussions at various conventions in the past few years. In addition to sci fi fandom, she is a member of the Jane Austen Society of North America and serves as the Indiana Chapter Regional Coordinator. Lately she has also been exploring the world of Sherlock Holmes as a budding Sherlockian!

Michael Nixon
Filkish/Rockish musician.

Mike's claim to infamy is as a founding member of Toyboat, which despite public outcry, still exists. He has been doing more solo shows lately because he has a lot of songs written that are not suitable for Toyboat. (Let that sink in for a minute. I mean Toyboat will play *anything*.) The songs are demanding he go out and play them for actual people, so please come see him in concert or he'll get a (bigger) complex.

Amy Page-Cline
20 Years at Conventions and still going.

Part-Time School Bus driver and MOM. I love to bake, sew, cook, and most of all I love my two daughters. I have been attending Cons for over 20 years now. Last Starbase I celebrated my 20th year at conventions and in fandom.

Mark Racop
Filmmaker and 1966 Batmobile Builder

Mark has worked for over 30 years in the film and media industry in a wide range of disciplines, most notably as a producer and director. He's been part of a number of successful independent films including producing and managing on the multi-award winning "Star Trek vs. Batman" with director Chris Allen. He was co-producer on "A Time For the Heart," which was selected for the 2010 San Diego Comic Con International Film Festival, and technical producer of "Incredible Fire," "Soldier's Song," and post production supervisor for the "175th Birthday of Logansport," and several industrials. Most recently, Mark finished a TV pilot for a reality show about his other business, Fiberglass Freaks, building 1966 Batmobile replicas. As a writer, Mark has written or co-written a dozen screenplays. Mark is currently in post production on "Starship 2," and in pre-production on "Plausible Deniability," "Best Seller," and "Starship 3." Mark has been interviewed in magazines and radio shows, and has hosted numerous filmmaking panels at Dragon*Con, Windycon, Minicon, Marcon, Millenicon, Starbase Indy, and his favorite convention--Inconjunction.

For additional information, please refer to Mark Racop's Web Page.

Bob Richey
Costumer/tinkerer specializing in the large, impractical, and awesome.

An InConJunction attendee since 2005, Bob Richey is involved in costuming and creating Huge creatures using cheap and simple materials. He has been a participant in the InConJunction Art Show since 2012 with fantasy and science fiction themed woodwork.

Kimberly Richey
PEACHES!!! and friends

Science - Scientist, having worked in molecular biology and biochemistry. Fiction - Enjoy reading and discussing. & Fantasy - Creating large original creations to wear at conventions.

Kyle Schenetzke
I've a librarian, gamer, writer, public speaker, book reviewer and storyteller. I love to get people excited about gaming and fantasy.

She has been a librarian, avid reader, performer and storyteller. Her first "gig" was reciting poetry by James Whitcomb Riley on monument circle for a celebration of his life. She currently speaks every year at GenCon's trade day. She's dedicated to get kids involved in gaming so that they will grow up and become serious gamers. She's currently a stay at home mom and spends time playing games and reading with her five year old daughter. Now in the second draft of my first fantasy novel, she's also starting her promotional platform to get her name out there and waiting for her book.

For additional information, please refer to Kyle Schenetzke's Web Page.

Bishop Stevens
The Raz

Bishop Stevens is a former WCW pro-wrestler who turned actor in 2013. Bishop became a pro wrestler and trained with the legendary Harley Race and signed with World Championship Wrestling which was later purchased by the WWF (now the WWE). While training at the WWE training center in Memphis Tn and Lousiville Ky he worked with other wrestlers who have turned actor such as Kurt Angle and The Rock. . Bishop started his acting career with small roles on such TV shows like NBC's Crisis and NBC's Chicago PD, before landing a recurring role Fox's hit show EMPIRE as one of the main Security Officers inside the Empire offices, where he would be side by side in scenes with the shows main stars Taraji Henson , Terrence Howard and the shows special guest. Since his role on Empire Bishop has moved into feature films working along side some of Hollywood's most well known actors including Lobo Sebastian, Victor Garber, Danny Glover and Raymond Berry and even had the pleasure to work with Walking Dead Stars Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun.

Geoff Strayer

After joining the Royal Manticoran Navy, the Official Honor Harrington Fan Association in late 2014, Geoff has moved from recruit to head of his own chapter (styled as ships, to fit the theme), and then to XO of the larger regional command HMS Demon, CLAC-62 (think aircraft carrier).

For additional information, please refer to Geoff Strayer's Web Page.

Mike Suess

Mike is a longtime Science Fiction, comic book and movie fan. He has worked at the Hero House, a comic book store, for the last five years. He has been an Inconjunction attendee for thirty-five years and a convention committee member, panelist and volunteer off and on for the past 30 years.

R.J. Sullivan
R.J. Sullivan is a multi-published author of ghost stories and science fiction through Seventh Star Press.

R.J. Sullivan's newest book through Seventh Star Press is Commanding the Red Lotus, which collects three science fiction novelettes written in the tradition of Andre Norton and Gene Roddenberry. Seventh Star also released his loosely connected paranormal thrillers Haunting Blue, Haunting Obsession, and Virtual Blue, and his first collection of short stories, Darkness with a Chance of Whimsy. RJ is co-host with John F. Allen of The Two Towers Talk Show, a genre review and interview web-show. Learn more at and

For additional information, please refer to R.J. Sullivan's Web Page.

Jeff Thompson

With a list of qualifications including (but not limited to) b-movie maven, SubGenius preacher, amateur improv enthusiast, sci-fi fan, computer programmer and author, amateur prop and costume designer wanna-be, amateur astronomer, playwright, webmaster, follower of all things urban-legend and/or myth, past InConJunction ConChair, and hard-core chili-head, Jeff Thompson is either a modern-day renaissance man, or someone that will do anything once you get a drink in him.

Jeff's been attending InConJunction since 1983 and has been working for the convention since 1992. You can regularly catch Jeff at the Top Ten Worst Movies panel, Video Trivia Contest, Sci-Fi Whose Line, as an occasional member of InConJunction's acting troupe (the "It's Not Our Fault Players") or preaching at InConJunction's on-again/off-again SubGenius Devival. If you can't find him there, odds are he's in the bar.

For additional information, please refer to Jeff Thompson's Web Page.

Mr. Tony Troxell
Blogger, Social Media Junkie, Cake Enthusiast

Anthony Troxell has been an active Geek in Indiana for over 25 years. Over the past 6 years, he's focused on bringing his brand of Geeking to the Internet, via his blog, and social media. In 2015, his Twitter account, "Indiana Geeking", was voted one of the top Twitter accounts in Indianapolis by readers of Nuvo magazine. Who beat him? Pat McAfee.

For additional information, please refer to Mr. Tony Troxell's Web Page.

Michael  Tucker
Indy Lightsaber Academy is Indianapolis' only lightsaber combat school.

Indy Lightsaber Academy provide practical instruction for a fantasy weapon. ILA's lightsaber combat techniques are grounded in real life sword play and martial arts concepts, as well as realistic stage combat. Founded in 2015, ILA continues to grow and to give back to the Indianapolis community.

For additional information, please refer to Michael  Tucker's Web Page.

Verna Vendetta
Belly Dancer, Burlesque Performer, Freelance Model, Cosplay Enthusiast.

Performing with Different Drummer Belly Dancers since 2012, Verna Vendetta is still thrilling audiences with both belly dance and burlesque alike. In addition to all of your favorite conventions, Verna makes time for guest appearances at variety shows and private parties, even teaching the occasional belly dance workshop. She takes pride in making her own costumes, and loves to incorporate cosplay into her performances!

For additional information, please refer to Verna Vendetta's Web Page.

Mark Wandrey
Mark Wandrey - Caution! Worlds under construction.

Located in rural Tennessee, Mark Wandrey has been creating new worlds since he was old enough to write. After penning countless short stories, he realized novels were his real calling and hasn%u2019t looked back since. A lifetime of diverse jobs, extensive travels, and living in most areas of the country have uniquely equipped him with experiences to color his stories in ways many find engaging and thought provoking. His current works include the "Earth Song" series, an epic space opera published by Henchman Press with 5 books out so far with more to come, and A Time to Die, Mark Wandrey's newest Amazon Best Selling novel where zombies meet nombies.

For additional information, please refer to Mark Wandrey's Web Page.

Demetrius  Witherspoon
Sci Fi Award Winner Demetrius Witherspoon

International Award Winner Writer/Director Demetrius Witherspoon. Who's films has been named "Best of Indie Indy" by NUVO 2016. Has done many short films. And has been to In Conjunction 2015 and Gen Con 3 years in a role with his Sci Fi film series Submerge. His film series is going to Japan and China for Distribution. A Lady who is called Ni're, is down to nothing in her life except for the clothes on her back and her unborn child. She is chased by the Government and thrown into another universe. Will she find out how to get out? It's only a matter of time.

For additional information, please refer to Demetrius  Witherspoon 's Web Page.

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