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Indianapolis, IN

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June 30 - July 2, 2017

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NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
Go to the InConJunction Home Page to view the information for the current year.

Expo Hall

If you're hoping to meet with, and browse the creations of, your favorite artists, authors or musicians, or want to shop for that perfect item from some of the best vendors the fannish world has to offer, then InConJunction's Expo Hall has everything you're looking for. The InConJunction XXXVI Expo Hall combines an Art Show, a Creators' Alley and a Dealers' Room in one easy to browse location.

If you're an artist, author, or musician who would like to meet with your fans while promoting and selling your artwork, books, or music then InConJunction would be honored to reserve a table for you in the Creators' Alley. InConJunction would also like to invite any vendors (or anyone planning on selling items other than their own artwork, books, or music) to consider reserving a space in the Vendors area of the Expo Hall. See below for information on applying for space in the this year's Expo Hall.

Artists who are unable to attend InConJunction (or have too much artwork to display at their Creators' Alley table) are welcome and encouraged to display their artwork in the InConJunction Art Show. Additional information on the hanging fees and commissions on sales are available on the InConJunction Art Show page.

Vendor Listing

  • Brendan Detzner - Brendan Detzner
    Books by or featuring the work of Brendan Detzner.
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 6a
  • Larry Dixon - Larry Dixon
    Artist Guest of Honor
    Booth / Location - GoH 2
  • Mercedes Lackey - Mercedes Lackey
    Author Guest of Honor
    Booth / Location - GoH 1
  • 73Soulsllc - George Kramer
    Books by George Kramer -- Six books in a YA fantasy series named Arcadis and a medical horror book entitled Blind to Blood
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 11
  • AnnVolans - Ann Volans
    Original artwork: drawings, paintings, colored pencil, and digital prints, on-the-spot art commissions.
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 7a
  • Artistic Alchemy - Mr Bart Willard
    Prints of sci-fi & fantasy illustrations, possibly some steampunk/industrial art as well.
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 16
  • Body Eclectic Skin Care - Jess Walton
    The Best Body Care in the known Galaxy... and possibly Beyond!!! Made from raw, organic, delectable ingredients - a full range of solid soaps, liquid soaps, body lotions, deodorants, lip balms, throat spray, and much, much, more!
    Booth / Location - Booth 14
  • BowenDragon1 - John Bowen
    Swords, journals, dragon statues, large fans, gaming items and dice
    Booth / Location - Booth 1
  • Cats Haven, Ltd - barbara wills
    flyers about the shelter a meet and greet kitty handcrafted catnip toys some handcrafted jewelry proceeds to go to the kitties of cats haven
    Booth / Location - Hall table
  • - Stile Teckel
    LARP gear: Foam/toy weapons, Shields, journals, pouches, bottles, leather goods, etc. Card games and accessories, dice, playing cards, tokens, and misc items. Handmade sculptures, jewelry, art supplies. Topps non-sport trading cards, from 80-90's. Misc tv/movie merchandise such as Harry Potter Journals, Buffy the vampire plush stake (great for the LARPers).
    Booth / Location - Booth 8
  • Cleveland ConCoction - Laura Griffis
    Convention membership pre-reg for 2018 Cleveland ConCoction, $1 Bumper Stickers, Small selection of prior year tshirts, Free Book swap/give/take, Free promo ribbons, Limited free swag items
    Booth / Location - Hall
  • Crafts By Hand - Mrs Tonya Longwell
    Crochet edged fleece blankets, crochet Star Trek towel holders, jewelry, fleece hot mug sleeves, wearable fleece, and pacifier holders.
    Booth / Location - Booth 3
  • DV Entertainment Pictures - Demetrius Witherspoon
    DVD of Independent productions, posters and memorabilia.
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 20 & 21 (Media)
  • edwardsuoh13 - Amabelle Johnson
    - Original and fanart Fantasy Art prints/ posters that include, but not limited to, subjects such as faeries, mermaids, other mythological creatures, object heads, anthros, etc. - Themes of fantasy, horror, surrealism, and symbolism will be present. - Charity Prints (100% of sales will go to the charity specifically chosen.) - Independent published art books ("Strawberries 'N Cream" and "I'm Not A Psychologist") - The popular "Dud and Extras" Art Box will be out for those who have not come with a lot of money but want some art!
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 8
  • Epic Adventure Candle Co. - Terra Perry
    Fantasy, Sci-Fi & RPG inspired container candles with crackling "torch-like" wood wicks and all-natural soy wax. Perfect accompaniment to your tabletop game or epic novel.
    Booth / Location - Booth 9
  • Eric J Zeigler - Eric Zeigler
    The book Lucifer and Eva, written by Eric Zeigler, and associated bookmarks.
    Booth / Location - Booth 21
  • Fused Glass by Kathie - Kathie Huddleston
    Fused Glass jewelry and wall hangings called Tiny Universes. Fused Glass is an age old process of melting glass together into wonderful shapes. A lot of dichroic glass is used to offer a myriad of colors and depth, a process that was created for astronauts visors in space. Wall hangings are made of Fused Glass and metal. All pieces handmade in a kiln.
    Booth / Location - Booth 20
  • Geek Public Radio - Topher Chambers
    Live stream podcasts, from the Hall.
    Booth / Location - Hall table
  • Greenware Dragon Ceramics - Janice Drake
    Ceramics of dragons, fairies, wizards, gargoyles, boxes, incense burners and magnets. Will also be carrying hand made jewelry and the popular Pied Piper Chocolates.
    Booth / Location - Booth 11
  • Horizon Music, Inc. - Dave Kaufman
    Ambient electronic music on CD
    Booth / Location - Booth 25
  • James Wylder, Writer - James Wylder
    Works by James Wylder -- a Doctor Who poetry book, a science fiction novel and short story collections, sci-fi and supernatural themed play scripts, nerdy poetry, a spoken word poetry album.
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 2
  • MarCon - Brooke Burch
    MARcon convention table.
    Booth / Location - Hall table
  • Mark Brayer Illustration/Design - Mr. Mark Brayer
    Science Fiction related posters and Artwork
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 17b
  • Mogchelle Cosplay - Michelle Mussoni
    Cosplay accessories including resin-cast cat ears, embroidered hats, masks, and cosplay prints.
    Booth / Location - GoH 3
  • Mythica Gaming LLC - Janet Sanders
    Legends of Draxia base tabletop card game, playmats, character art prints, and full character logo tshirts
    Booth / Location - Booth 18
  • Per Bastet Publications - Sara Deurell
    Books, bookmarks
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 13
  • Picklepot - Jennifer Ingalls
    Original Steampunk jewelry and accessories for women and men. One of a kind sterling silver jewelry, hair sticks, hat pins, and more!
    Booth / Location - Booth 2
  • Pookers Fairy Baubles - Christine Johnson
    Hand crafted natural stone jewlery, Personal stainless steal diffusers, hand crochet shawls, scarfs, cowls, hats, arm socks.
    Booth / Location - Booth 7
  • Rachel Frend - Rachel Frend
    Stop by for my free cosplay prints for charity, coloring pages for the kids and the Five(ish) Fangirls selfie-station to take pictures with two of the cutest space travelers this side of the galaxy.
    Booth / Location - Hall table
  • REN - Ren McKinzie
    Art, prints, buttons, bookmarks, featuring art by REN
    Booth / Location - Booth 24
  • Rutledge Productions - Donald Becker
    DVDs of independent films by Rutledge Productions
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 19 (Media)
  • Section 28 Publishing - Bryan Donihue
    Urban Paranormal/Fantasy books. He is currently preparing the third, and final book of The Knight's Bane Trilogy, a trilogy about a secret government department that hunts monsters. Bryan also consults with other independent authors to help them get published, including cover design, layout and ePub conversion.
    Booth / Location - Booth 4
  • Silly Hat Books - E. Chris Garrison
    Books (science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk)
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 4a
  • Space Bear Press - Doug Bedwell
    Sci-fi novel Robot Captain by Doug Bedwell.
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 6b
  • Spectrum Stitches & Sundry - Indy Penn
    Geeky nursery items including burp cloths, swaddlers, sleep sacks, bibs, tag blankets, and lovies. Amigurumi that are perfect as desk toys and for wee ones. Themes include STEM, Harry Potter, LoTR, Star Trek, Star Wars, comics, and Pokemon.
    Booth / Location - Booth 23
  • Speculative Fiction Guild - John F. Allen
    Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror books by John F. Allen.
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 5a
  • Speculative Fiction Guild - R.J. Sullivan
    Books by R.J. Sullivan -- ghost story thrillers, short story collection, and SF adventure novel.
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 5b
  • Starship Cat - Leigh Kimmel
    T-shirts, books, collectibles, Japanese cultural items such as tea sets, tea mugs, and chopsticks. Costuming accessories such as ears, tails, swords, and knives.
    Booth / Location - Booth 15
  • Sundreams and Myths - CherylAnn Simshauser
    Handmade fantasy plush dragons, unicorn, phoenix type birds, original/print art, hand made catnip toys.
    Booth / Location - Booth 22
  • Swallowed Sun Books - JW Troemner
    Books-- particularly the three paperback volumes of the Urban Dragon series, as well as polymer clay figurines and jewelry boxes associated with the books.
    Booth / Location - Booth 19
  • Sword & Lion Publishing - Kit Bradley
    Original novels and short story compilation by Kit Bradley
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 12
  • Take the Step Productions, LLC - Shonna Bedford
    Shonna Bedford - Media Guest of Honor table. Merchandise and information about Take the Step Productions, the film Submerge: Echo 51, and her singles "Rain" and "Darkness".
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 22 (Media)
  • Task Force 22 of The Royal Manticoran Navy - CAPT (SG) Sherman Day
    Task Force 22 is the Regional Command Echelon of the Royal Manticoran Navy's Chapters in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, and Ohio. The Royal Manticoran Navy is the Official Honor Harrington Fan Association based on David Weber's Honorverse, a Military Science Fiction series of books that started with the Honor Harrington Books, and branched out into several book series that became collectively known as the Honorverse. There are now over 30 books, including anthologies, and prequels set several hundreds of years before the original series. The Fan club has grown to nearly 4,500 members world wide, with Task Force 22 covering the local area. New Members can 'Enlist' for free.
    Booth / Location - Hall table
  • TG Franklin & JK Ensley - TG Franklin
    The works of Sci-fi/fantasy authors TG Franklin and JK Ensley.
    Booth / Location - Booth 27
  • That Geek Gallery - Ms Erin Reid
    A Gallery of geeky things! From comics, trading cards, vintage action figures, modern action figures, art & more! Mystery bags and $10 Tarot card readings are available too!
    Booth / Location - Booth 26
  • The Amber Fox - Richard and Angie Fox
    Amber, silver and semiprecious gemstone jewelry, gemstone carvings, fossils, and whatever other unique items we find.
    Booth / Location - Booth 13
  • The Dice Dealers - Sherry Sutton
    Dice, custom buttons, and 3D printed objects.
    Booth / Location - Booth 12
  • The Science Fiction and Beer Channel - Flint Mitchell
    Fan produced books, fanzines, DVDs from LISFAN channel, hand made jewelry, electronic doodads (solar fans, ufo detectors, robot circuitry)
    Booth / Location - Booth 17
  • Unique Creations by Amy - Chance Palmer
    Geektastic fun hand made and hand drawn jewelry. Hair Stakes, Bracelets, our unique funky bracelets that transform into necklaces, and earrings. Our website features the kind of things we make and sell
    Booth / Location - Booth 6
  • Welcome To My Whimsey - C. Kathleen Summers
    One of a kind handmade sculptures of Dragons, Unicorns, Gargoyles, assorted Fey, and other fantasy related critters.
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 10
  • Matthew Barron - Matthew Barron
    Books by Matthew Barron
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 4b
  • Diego Cadena - Diego Cadena
    Prints of traditional and digital art by Diego Cadena. Pencil, ink, and colored pencil commissions.
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 7b
  • Keith R. A. DeCandido - Keith R. A. DeCandido
    2017 Toastmaster
    Booth / Location - GoH 5
  • TammyJo Eckhart, PhD - TammyJo Eckhart, PhD
    Fiction and non-fiction by and anthologies featuring the work of TammyJo Eckhart. Buttons and stickers related to The Chocolate Cult blog.
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 1
  • Dick Grimm - Dick Grimm
    Books by Dick Grimm which can be viewed here:
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 17a
  • Marc Gunn - Marc Gunn
    Marc Gunn's Celtic Geek music-- rhythm & folk Celtic music on the autoharp, fusing traditional Irish and Scottish songs with a comedic twist. With over 20 solo albums released since 2004, you can hear his love of Ireland, Scotland, science fiction conventions, Renaissance festivals, fantasy, comedy, dragons, and cats all in his music.
    Booth / Location - GoH 4
  • Lou Harry - Lou Harry
    Lou Harry's Books
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 14b
  • Laura Hawks - Laura Hawks
    Books by Laura Hawks
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 14a
  • Michael Heitkemper - Michael Heitkemper
    Books and comics books by Michael Heitkemper
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 18
  • Tom Jaquish - Tom Jaquish
    Art commissions
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 9
  • D. Lieber - D. Lieber
    Books, promotional items associated with the books (bookmarks, fans, etc.)
    Booth / Location - Booth 5
  • SA McClure - SA McClure
    Books by or including the work of SA McClure
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 3
  • David Lee Pancake - David Lee Pancake
    Booth / Location - Booth 10
  • Kimberly Richey
    Science Guest of Honor
    Booth / Location - Hall table
  • Craig Smith - Craig Smith
    Novels by Craig Smith, Journey into the Dark Realm 2016 and Clover a Post-Apocalyptic Tale Book 1 of 4.
    Booth / Location - Booth 16
  • Bishop Stevens
    Autographs by Bishop Stevens, former WCW pro-wrestler and actor from The Walking Dead and Fox's hit show Empire.
    Booth / Location - Creators' Alley 15

Expo Hall Application Information

If you'd like to apply for Vendor space or a Creators' Alley table in the InConJunction XXXVII Expo Hall please review the booth specifications and prices below, see the Expo Hall Floor Plan for an idea of the layout, then head over to our newly redesigned Event Planning Dashboard to log in or create a new profile. Once you've logged into the Event Planning Dashboard you can submit your application and much more.

Please note that tables and half-tables in the Creators' Alley area of the Expo Hall are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are reserved specifically for authors, artists, musicians, etc. that are interested in selling, promoting, and/or autographing their own works and would like to have additional opportunities to meet face-to-face with their fans and other attendees of InConJunction. There is sufficient space behind the tables for seating, but little else. Those with more elaborate displays should consider a vendor space instead. To ensure that all vendors are being treated in a fair and equitable fashion, any authors, artists, musicians, etc. that are planning on selling any other additional merchandise must purchase a vendor space in the InConJunction Expo Hall. Artists that would like to display their works and make them available for purchase (in particular artists that are not planning on attending InConJunction or require display space in addition to their Creators' Alley table) are encouraged to contact the Art Show organizer to reserve space in the InConJunction Art Show.

Convention registrations are not included in Expo Hall prices. All vendors and assistants must have an InConJunction badge. See the notes below the table pricing for more information on Vendor badges.

If you have questions about the InConJunction Expo Hall, have suggestions that you would like to share, or need any other information please feel free to contact our Expo Hall Coordinator via e-mail at or write to:

InConJunction XXXVII -- Expo Hall
P.O. Box 2921
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Expo Hall Booth Space Prices
6' x 6' (1 table)
Single 6' x 6' space against a wall with one table.
(Limit 1)
6' x 12' (2 tables)
Two 6' x 6' spaces against a wall with one table per space. New Lower Price!
(Limit 1)
6' x 18' (3 tables)
Three 6' x 6' spaces against a wall with one table per space. New Lower Price!
(Limit 1)
6' x 24' (4 tables)
Four 6' x 6' spaces against a wall with one table per space. New Lower Price!
(Limit 1)
10' x 10' (2 tables)
Single 10' x 10' space with two tables.
(Limit 1)
10' x 20' (4 tables)
Single 10' x 20' space with four tables.
(Limit 1)
10' x 30' (6 tables)
Single 10' x 30' space with six tables.
(Limit 1)
Additional Tables
Extra 6' x 18'' table.
Creators' Alley (full table)
A full 6' table in the Creators' Alley area of the Expo Hall.
(Limit 1)
Creators' Alley (half table)
One half of a 6' table in the Creators' Alley area of the Expo Hall.
(Limit 1)
Expo Hall Hours of Operation
(Includes Art Show, Creators' Alley and Dealers' Room)
Setup Times: 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM 1
Setup Times: 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM 1, 2
Open to Attendees: 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Open to Attendees: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Art Show Closed: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Open to Attendees: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM 3
Vendors are reminded that there is a 15 minute limit on unloading time at the roll-up garage door. Inventory needs to be moved to the vendor's booth space and vehicles need to be moved before proceeding with setup.
Vendors are reminded that the Friday setup time runs right up to the Expo Hall opening. Time should be set aside prior to the opening of the Expo Hall for the running of any errands.
Vendors are asked to wait to begin teardown of their booth space until after the Expo Hall has closed.
The Expo Hall floor plan can be viewed online. Applications should be received by May 10th, 2017, but we're always willing to be flexible and can work with potential vendors after this date should the need arise.
  • Convention registrations are not included in Expo Hall prices. All vendors and assistants must have an InConJunction badge. Vendors whose applications are received by May 10th, 2017 will get a special pre-registration price of $30 per person. (Those vendors whose applications are rejected can still take advantage of this special registration price. Simply contact the Expo Hall coordinator if this is the case.) Registrations can also be purchased at the convention for $50 per person.
  • In order to provide our attendees with a diversified and quality Expo Hall experience, vendors will be selected by a jury process. Notifications will be sent via email after May 20th, 2017. Those vendors who have been accepted will have one month from the date of notification within which to finalize their payments. Failure to do so may result in your space being sold to someone else.
  • Vendors will be expected to adhere to all applicable state and federal laws governing the sale of merchandise. No bootleg merchandise is to be sold in the InConJunction Expo Hall. Please refer to the Vendor Information Packet for additional information.
Apply to be a vendor at InConJunction XXXVII via the Event Planning Dashboard

NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
Go to the InConJunction Home Page to view the information for the current year.

Would you like to volunteer to help out with the convention? Do you want to apply to be a participating guest, artist, or vendor? Do you have promotional items you want to provide or items that you'd like to donate to our charity auction? Want to receive the latest convention flyer and be kept informed of upcoming events? You can do all this and more via our Online Address Book form. All InConJunction participants (both approved and those pending approval) can login and update their Participant Profile and Settings via the new Event Planning Dashboard.

Send an E-Mail to the current Convention Chair-Person at if you would like any additional information about InConJunction. Send an E-Mail to the convention webmaster at with questions or comments about the InConJunction web page.

InConJunction is dedicated to providing a harassment-free convention experience for everyone. This policy applies to all participants, whether Convention Committee members, volunteers, vendors, invited guests or paying attendees.

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